Monday, June 09, 2008

Why did the oil price go up?

For the last one year oil price is going up - 5 times. $25 to $125 and above...

Some of the reasons, found on net

- Iraq war (and some more)
- OPEC production is less
- Headache of transporting in sea, with Green Peace norms.
- Oil producing countries are doing a bit to produce less. (but they have to burn oil gas, even if they don't drill...)
- In last 5 years, the cars have doubled on the worlds roads, and most major cities have only one single person driving. Governments should do something about this.
- Oil has been a good source of income for most of the developing countries (In India = 30% of GDP depends on imported OIL).
- Management of inflation, is pathetic.
- Different form of subsidies given by all countries
- Iraq war (and some more)

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