Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Lovely Chennai

There are different sides to the story of Chennai (aka Madras). Still, compared to Mumbai (aka Bombay), it houses about one sixth of the states populations.
This is the only place on earth, where the land real estate brokers call, a place Thirukalukundram which is 75 Kms away, as outskirts of City.
Language is not a problem here, English suits well. Thamizh is the lcal language, adn Telugu and Malayalam are common. Urdu and Hindi to an extent can be used. The famous Madras Basai Tamizh laden with telugu and Hindi slangs, is the best. The Gana songs are the best.
Thanks to the torrential rain during last October 2005, there is plenty of water, and we dont buy water at Rs 800 per tanker of 1200 Liters. No Amma did this, but Varuna Bhagawan. The rents inside city are moving upwards, while on the OMR (lousy stinky place when it rains) it is skyrocketing - Velachery/Perungudi onwards.
There is a place called Kannagi nagar, named is changed I think, which waas shown in one Rajesh's movie 2 years ago, where peopel used to live on the Old Veeranam scheme pipes.
This is a strange city where the Kannagi statue is moved out of the pedestal, as one Keralite Jyotish, said, an angry widow, pointing to the ruling place. Now that jyotish, is scouting for peopel to visit him, advertising in Deccan Chronicle That is another story.
This is a holy place for the Cinema - Kollywood, where all forms of stars are born and brought up. Heroes and politicians are made. And they end up ruling, irrespective of the part affiliations. For the people, by the people.
Food is very good here. Saravana Bhavan, sort of charges five star rates. Ther eis one good joint called Raj Bhavan near Royapettah Police Station, cheap and best. Ofcourse, Ponnusamy is great fornon veg food. For sweets, visit Sri Krishna Sweets (but they should have clean waiters and waitresses working). For shopping ther eis Pondy Bazaar.
The college crowd is gifted with lots of Ice Cream Parlours. Recently I visited one MW parlour opposite to Ethiraj college, which gives 50% of your total weight as discount, provided you are a menber, this is valid till end of May 2006.
The ECR (East Coast Road) which leads to Mahanbalipuram and Pondicherry (to be changed to Pudhucherry soon) has drive in theatres and best food joints. There are there parks like VGP and MGM located. Crocodile park and the Dolhin city is also there.
Chennai has the best Zoo at Vandaloor, after the Airport.
Auto drivers do fleece people, but they are very helpful. City buses are crowded.
Last but not the least, the worlds second longest beach - Merina (there is a proposal to change its name to Kannagi beach soon), is one beautiful sight. You get good bajjis, cooked in front of you. Also the Sundal and Verkadalai is the best. Beggars menace is also there. The Police are very friendly and helpful. You can see big stars and VIPs on the side walks doing ther evening walks.

Ooty - Lovely Place on Planet Earth

Ooty (aka Ootacamund - Kothar Mandhu - House of Kothars), is the Lovely place on Planet Earth. Best compared to Shimla, Kodaikanal and Yercaud.
With Dodabetta, peaking on the top and the Ketty valley (Santhoor) on the downside, this is one wonderful place on the Earth.
It can be reached from Two sides, one from Gudalur and the other Mettupalayam. It is about 2.5 hours uphill drive.
Coonoor comes first, on the way, with a view on the side - vallies and all.
All the Indian movies song scenes are shot here. There is Manjoor which is the best.
The cost of stay would be cheap from Rs 400/- to Rs 4000/-, based on budget per day. The sight seeing cost is cheap, with auto-rickshaws plying around.... Food is also cheap. Hot vegetarian food is served in most of the hotels.
What else can I say, having lived closer to Ooty at Kotagiri, just 18 kma away.
The best family vacation spot - cheap and best.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mandal, Reservation, Quota Issues.

The Quota demonstrators can do the following to ensure the government listens

(1) Throw away or burn the passports and pledge alliance for working only for India.
(2) Make the relatives, return back to India and work only in India. (No NRI;s)
(3) Dont work for the MNCs, and work only for the people (Indian co's, wiothout FII stake) and rural upliftment, in small towns/villages.
(4) Shun giving interviews to foreign owned or run channels like CNN-IBN.

This will definitely make the government, make the Caste column in the school/college application form disappear, and everyone is accepted on merit.

Also these IIT and IIM fellas, should stop working for foreign companies right away and give all the money earnt so far, into the Prime Ministers relief fund. Do a Rang De Basanti!

I am waiting for all the reservations to be removed. Also apprecaite Shri Arjun Singhji's determinance. I think he is going to add, 40% more seats - to ensure all are happy. There is fee cut in the offing.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The poem I wrote after 9/11

Is it my time?

Has my time come?
Is it that bad or gone?
I am like and eagle now
Flying high in the clouded skies with sorrow
Unlike the circus performer on ring
Rather than like a mountaineer wandering
I get the shock of the lifetime
To watch the worst crime
There goes the twin towers crumbling
Sending a strong message of shivering
A satanic action of bombing
Sorrowful people left insane and loathing
Diving to their last fall
Will this terrorism die at all?