Sunday, May 17, 2009

Total Votes polled for Tamilnadu 2009 Loksabha elections

TOTAL VOTES 30238932

BJP 705937
DMDK 3054620
KNMK 579704
ADMK 6892996
CPI 861944
CPM 669058
MDMK 1112908
PMK 1736684 11273590 5.74% 37.28%
DMK 7572247
INC 4206255
VCK 732833 12511335 2.42% 41.37%
OTHERS 6454007

As seen above it is very clear that, DMDK is the major force to reckon with. They were mostly in the 3rd place except Kanyakumari and few seats in Kongu belt. Next time probably Congress might align with DMDK, and with a vote share of 25% plus they should get 130+ Assembly seats or like 25 MP seats (if the same voting pattern, vote bank holds good).

Kongu Munnetra Peravai Katchi spoilt the winning chances of DMK+ combine in 6 seats in Kongu belt ( Kovai, Pollachi, Erode, Namakkal, Tiruppur, Salem). Heard that they had spent about 50 C in total for 12 seats with contributions from major gounders, that translates to Rs 863 per vote. They could bargain for 20 seats in the 2011 Assembly with Congress + DMDK combine.

If DMK had spent Rs 1000 crores as certain investigative mags claim and opposition, that translates to Rs 1321 per vote an I bet ADMK combine would have spent half of that too!

CNN IBN forecast was right in the end. They gave 47% to DMK+, 34% to ADMK+, 10% to DMDK and rest 9% for others! Always exclude independents and buy them out to withdraw!

(This is posted as a matter of data analysis only....)