Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tech Savvy Cheaters in Astrology Business

Recently I was brought a notice from a close friend of mine, from Bangalore, who learns Astrology with me. Pardon me, if I am hurting in anyway - the genuine astro helpers.

Tech savvy guys get on to groups, then learn some basics of astrology and try answering some questions.

Then once they get the hang of things, they post some answers, while the query is posted by themselves with a different email id. Then there is correct prediction of event message posted on the group with the fake id.

One more trick these fraudsters use is, go to and get the free horoscope with the birth details provided and get the basic reading - which is almost on the perfect sense to make out the answer for the query.

Now other gullible troubled people (humans are always stressed one way or another.) fall for this and send out a personal note asking for help. Then these guys, ask for donation and try to make some money out of it. Some even have websites and say that dont want to charge, but charge and ripoff. Certain guys would not know that - it takes a lot of effort and very strong study to make something out of the query. (Always I see these websites post the costs of query and free stuff to download etc.). Their answers are so vague and tough to interpret. Yes and No. Who wants that. Is there a way to correctly predict the movement of a job/transfer for a person or the cause of illness of the person. Can they explain why they are trying to chose Sun aspecting 4th and 8th house for fathers Cancer, while 9th house is neglected?

The KP System predictions have been very good and scientific. (even though still it falls in earth's eye and Sun going around it as Prasara says - giving benefits). The beauty is it is very simple to learn, and I am telling from my experience of 19 years in KP system.

Beware, you cannot predict without the divine help and belief. Even if you approach scientifically, it might give the probability approach. But as Shri Krishnamurthiji says, unless you are blessed, you cannot read into things without the blessings and ruling planets.

I can tell you from personal experience that, I get totally drained out, after I do a Hororary analysis. That is the spiritual power.

I take life as it comes, and try to see the pits and try to cushion the effects of the fall one step at a time.

User car export?

I never thought it could be so easy to get an used car shipped from USA to India.

Check this site

Well, first things first - you need to convert the driving side from left to right, thats it! And the dashboard items also move along.

I am told by a friend that his 1996 Accord shipment cost him 3500$ or so other than the cost his vehicle and conversion. Very cheap compared to what it costs to import a brand new car. But beware, you need to ensure that the emission standards and road worthiness certificates are got.

But last and not the least, you should always ensure that the current petrol gets the best of the car. (unleaded).

Friday, May 02, 2008

Best diet for a day to loose weight and stay trim

I got this one from my close friend. Surefire way to loose some decent weight. Dont crib that this is strvation diet :-). There are people in some parts of the world who dont have food to eat!
Running is the best all over fat burner. If you do not like running, have breathing problems or cannot run, you can walk at an incline. For example if you walk on a treadmill at 4 mph at 10 incline for 45 minutes, you have burned 500 calories. Eat mostly fruits, vegetables, and protiens. Try to cut back on sugar or not eat anything full of sugar such as candy, cookies, etc but natural sugars (found in fruit) are fine. Here is a meal plan that will help you lose weight fast and not be too hard to follow:

1/2 grapefruit
2 egg whites
slice of whole wheat toast

Fiber One bar
salad with little dressing
celery with peanut butter

breaded and baked fish (any kind you like) or chicken
peas or any kind of vegetable
brown rice

cottage cheese
protien shake (one scoop protien powder, nonfat milk, frozen fruit)

Also make sure you drink enough water. Drink one glass on nonfat skim milk a day or have it in a shake and then drink NOTHING but water. Take your weight and divide it by 2. The convert pounds to ounces. For example, if you weighed 150 lbs then divide by 2 = 75 lbs then convert to ounces - 75 ounces of water a day. Make sure to drink that much water every day.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

How to loose the Belly Fat

Very Simple to loose the Belly Fat!
This information is provided free of cost!
  1. Yes - all you have to do is, cut one meal everyday for 30 days.
  2. At times substitute dinner with just only fruits.
  3. Say no to milk products and cookies.
  4. Avoid meat products at any cost.
  5. Stay away from salty food.
  6. Walk briskly for 45 minutes.
  7. Climb stairs at work place.
  8. Drink a glass of water every 1 hour.
  9. Swim in good weather
  10. Try stomach cleansing pills every weekend - with doctors supervision
(Note - there is danger of gaining the weight back, if you dont continue above steps for the life).

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sure way to blog to the bank

There are various ways to make sure, you can blog to the bank.

Blogging to the Bank seems to be new mantra in the e-world.

Let me try to give all some inputs. The objective is not to make money, but to make it on the fly doing your normal stuff.

Dont forget Google adsense or Adbrite. Few cents a day (or a click) is worth hundreds of dollars in a year. All in your pass time.

Good luck!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Shani (Sani) Dasa and its effects

Well for anybody, Shani (Sani) Dasa and its effects are good and bad. Look at my previous postings.
It runs for 19 years in a 120 years cycle. Maha Dasa. (starting from Moon - Vim)
Bhukthi is the total period of a planet in the MahaDasa - here it is 19/ (Dasa Period) for Sani / Shani about 19/120 of the time of Shani in your Bhukthi period. 798 days.
Anthra is the subdivision of the above and once again using the same principle as above, it works to 798 * 19/120 = 126 days, where super things happen in a person life.
So for a given Dasa and Bhuthkti and Anthra, the first period is itself. Lots of changes happen then based on the transit of the planet itself in various houses. Note that Sun and Moon period, always good results only in a given house - 12 you have. Venus gives a total changeover. Hmm.. Kethu and Rahu, are unpredictable. But it follows the pattern what its own predecessor does.
Here is the list with 120 as the period & percent of time ( Dasa/Bhukthi/Anthra ). Sort of the revolution time, around sun (but Parashara thought of keeping Earth Centric - thats why you dont see Earth in the 12!).
1  Sa 19 15.83%
2  Me 17 14.17%
3  Ke 7 5.83%
4  Ve 20 16.67%
5  Su 6 5.00%
6  Mo 10 8.33%
7  Ma 7 5.83%
8  Ra 18 15.00%
9  Ju 16 13.33%
All the software using Swiss based Ephimeris DLL, take the starting point of the DOB and give you the chart for 120 years - assuming the max years a person can live is 120 only!

ISRO launch perfect

Excellent ISRO Launch today.

Ontime launch @ 9.20 AM, and moved into orbit loop now (control center has taken over), and yes all these 8 study satellites are to ward off evil to India. The main satellite is for Cartography to use for GIS apps and the other one is for communication purpose.

Maanada Mayilada (Exchange round - April 27th, 2008)

Pathetic. Judges comments were poor. The way Kala master was staring made my daughter say, why is this lady looking "Yucky"? My wife says sarees that are worn are good!

Vulgar to be precise. This program can be doen even better without those kuthu songs.

Someone (Suresh?) was telling it is better than being in a movie to dance for 26 weeks. May be get got paid more in TV (26 x Rs 10,000 = Rs 2.6 lakhs) than in movies. Just kidding. No offense.

All the ladies were givin manly looks and gaze.

The very best was Ganeshkar and Arthi (and that Vijayakanth song was super). Hats off!

Koffee with Anu (Dhanush - April 26th, 2008)

Seems to be bit better from earlier shows. Anu is improving.

Dhanush was very calm, can't believe it!

Famous son-in-law. Composed at this young age. He was never clear on why and how he ended up marrying his wife. (arranged or love?)

I think they edited his version of his father-in-law Rajinikanth and politics.

Nevertheless, a better coverage.

Raghava Lawrence Trust

Many of you are posting comments and writing to me on Raghava Lawrence Trust. He is definitely doing a very good job.

Sorry I dont have the address of Raghava Lawrence Trust, please write to Sun TV. You can Google Search for their address.

Also I do not have the link for the TV's that are shown online.

A friend of mine was telling about

This information is provided as a matter fo fact for information purpose only, and I am not promoting anything for any cause.

Successful career

What do you mean my Successful career?
Is it earning lots of money without any stress? Family being happy?
Or living far away from own family and culture and fake admonitions?
Is it living abroad alone to give the sense of pride?
To many questions and very limited answers.
At least for me, it is not just money alone, but a sense of satisfaction of the job, that I would love to continuosly perform, without making much of a hype.