Saturday, March 29, 2008

My favourite poem by Prentice Mulford

If you think you can, you can
Your mind is you real self - your real being
There are more and more possibilities in nature
in the elements, in man and out of man;
and they come as fast as man sees
and knows how to use these forces
in nature and himself
Possibilities and miracles mean the same thing!

Please switch off lights at 8 PM today Mar 29th, 2008!

Save the world.
Please switch off lights at 8 PM today Mar 29th, 2008!
There are at least 4 to 8 hours of load shedding power cuts, everyday. But still, we have decided in our Apt. complex not to switch on lights for an hour inside our flats and the backup generator will not be on. In this way we would control the emission for a day and probably save some diesel since there might be invariably power cuts. No electrical equipment would be on.
Every simple thing counts for the future generation.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Advantages of working for a small co. in IT industry

There are very good Advantages for working for a small co.

The first and foremost, high visibility. Very good learning options, even if the period is short. Feedback is the key. If you are a silent type, probably doubly make sure. Lots of noise to be made on good work.

You are watched and governed and paid the best based on the output given. But no multiple chances given. Success is the only key. Double the pressure.

On the other hand larger companies have many options, and various plans for to make the plans work to make a person succeed. There is room for improvement given. Constant feedback is expected and actions performed.

Always weigh the pros and cons of working for any type of company and make the informed decision.

Industry goes in a circle, and you cross paths pretty fast. So make friends, wherever possible.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Site under construction!

Nice picture! Watchout! (This is provided as a matter of commentary! Note only the link is provided!)