Monday, November 04, 2013

Azhagu Raja (Tamil) a Fun movie

Based on the internet reviews I was worried to take the family for Azhagu Raja (Tamil) which turned out to be a Fun movie...
The making is good, nice comedy ( crispness missing ) and the shooting locales are beautiful.

A movie should be looked at by the entertainment value it gives, but not what a person wants based on the past, present and future trends. A Directors vision is to dish out goods.... catering to mass. Not everyone is supposed to like, isnt it?

Today the viral marketing phenomenon is catching up fast. Word of mouth marketing catches fire faster. everyone goes around harping nowadays, hyperist world. If someone doesnt like they could have walked out no? Just bcoz someone didnt like a movie, we shouldnt take their word for granted. Hated Arambam! But had to sit in the theatre on Oct 31st being the FDFS. Just bcoz the making is good ( hollywood style copy ) and people like Ajithkumar walks and glamour of heroines! well timepass!

It seems the edited version makes first half reduced by 20 minutes. Dont know what has been cut. :-)

Family enjoyed watching the comedy effort of Santhanam.  :-)  Radhika Apte that old 80s Meenakshi was very homely and wonderful. Might come for a round in Tamil filmdom like Lakshmi Menon.

To get a true value of a movie, better not to look at twitter or facebook for review of a movie. The more people talk theatre fills! My show was housefull! Theatre manager said all shows are running like that.

Saranya Ponvannans talent is wasted. So is Nasser.

Not sure whether they edited a fight out. would have been nice for Karthi film with his style action scenes.

In the end when Karthi imitates his dad with a coconut in hand - I bet the relative folks would have erupted

In Tiruppur all shows have been Housefull itseems - 5 shows everyday in 7 theatres. Might be hit in Telugu Land. Saniyan Sakadai Kota Srinivas Rao is there....

2nd half is more fun with M S Bhaskar and the 80s scenes..