Saturday, December 01, 2007

Abroad jobs calling again!

Got an interesting call in the evening, from someone in the industry on exploring options Abroad.
USA visa problems and bcoz of that people are exploring Europe for business. Multiple options available now.
Any pointers on savings etc? What about schooling for kids? Mid-year admissions or worth waiting till end of March 08?
I was told 5000 Euros a month, minimum savings is one best option (five times!). Also family would love to live in Germany or France for few years (at least till 8th std of my daughter -2014, before the career options stick in - for studies and one good school).
Just contemplating.

ICL has a good start!

Happened to watch a part of the match at <place> Airport, before I boarded the flight back to Bangalore.
Was seeing it online on my handheld, thanks to MSN & Zee Sports. Not bad.Thanks.
Inzi did a great job. Mumabi Champs are to improve, on the slow pitch.
Kapil Dev and proved that BCCI has a proper competetitor. Good Luck to all.

Koffee with Anu December 1st 2007 (Mr & Mrs Srikanth)

Clearly shows that they dont have any proper guests and always falling into the low life cinema guys, who made a fun of marraige as an institution. All money, honey!
Why doesnt Star Vijay change the host, I am the next best choice! (I can!)
The guests can be from various success parts of life.... Now Gujarat elections are on, so pick up a Tamil family living there and get their mind, and also ask those lakhs of Gujarati's living in Tamilnadu/Worldwide, on that topic.