Thursday, July 27, 2006

KP System based Astro Predictions

I have been learning KP System based Astro Predictions since 1989, and I understand about the needs for people to know what is in store for them. I am not like a traditional person, doing a blind reading about past. I ask about it, why tell what is known, or what if the chart goes wrong. So I get the details of 10 major events in their life and try to do a pattern matching, to ensure the fit, and hence the future can be correct. This is unlike traditional astrology.

Why did I start this? Well in 1989, you would have read my debacle in the DC Machines paper at my college. After the time, I gave a serious thought about astrology and hence was keen on a scientific way as the traditional period was meant to be total success. Then found KP system, founded by Shri Krishnamuthi. (aka Shri KSK). I was amazed at the Cuspal Sub Lord theory on giving exact results for a given event. Hence the service to people. I have seen 10,000+ charts, and I feel, this gives some courage to help people, if not accurate.

You may contact me with you details, with name, date and correct time of birth, and place, with latitude and longitude. The subject should be "KP Prediction".

In case you want to know whether an event will happen or not, mail me the question (one only), with a number picked between 1 to 249, at the time of seriously thinking about the question. (This is called KP Hororary)

As always, you take full responsibility on acting upon suggestions provided.

If you would like to have a KP Chart / Hororary predictions done, do contact me on the email id vijayashankar dot india @ gmail dot com

I charge Rs 1,000/- for India residing Indians and US $ 100/- for NRI's foreigners. All proceeds go towards charity!

Monday, July 24, 2006

முந்தைய பதிவுகள்

முந்தைய பதிவுகள் Enadu Blog Patri

Thamizh Padhivukku oru Shottu!

Indha blog Indic top 50 edathai pidithathu! இன்று mail vandhadhu!

Ellam readers karunai! Nandrikal.

Naan Vetri petral, Thamilzh Nattuku, nalla pala muyarchigal cheyven!

Vaalga Valamudan! Vetri Nichchayam!

நாளை, என்ன திட்டம் என்பதை முழுமையாகத் தெரிந்துகொள்ளலாம்.