Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Looking back 1,2,3

Career of the last 21+ years has been wavy.

I do remember that I would have stayed in India forever, if not for abroad options.

It did help.

What could be the difference?

Starting at a 3K salary right after college and getting say 8 - 10% increment and over the years, could have given be only a small amount of savings.  Can anybody do the math - assuming the savings is about 30% after taxes?

But these job changes for the want of challenge and the own startup biz has given be lot to think about. With about 17+ years of paid experience and 6+ years abroad, has given me the courage to venture out.

You enter with conviction to make it a success, and it is very tough to manage the roadblocks. This time it was for long and didnt work out.

Getting back to work is the option I am looking for now.  Cannot idle.  Taking it easy now....

My profile is here .. http://vijayashankar.emurse.com

I have reached out to many friends in vain to make myself busy.  Some have moved abroad, settled there with many ventures... but I dont know what stops them from helping! These are the friends who wanted free equity on the ventures that I had started...

Utilizing the knowledge and skills are the major points here. At times I thought about immigrating back to USA or Canada. Work or Investor based.  Having experience in running 7 ventures, directly or indirectly... and the related benefits having been reaped, want to make a mark in life!

Let me know.