Friday, June 13, 2008

What kind of job I want?

  1. Comfortable timings
  2. Learning Potential (Hire and Fire stuff doesn't work anywhere, make sure you hire bright and stick to it for life)
  3. Managers/Seniors Involvement and Mentorship
  4. Reasonable salary, as it affects social status. (I cannot think of hosting parties at home - money, space, style)
  5. Time offs and leaves for personal stuff. (I took only one day off for my fathers death).
  6. Based on added value and goal achievement, bonuses to be paid. What I have seen over the last few years - Zilch, only on paper.
  7. Office parties, get-together's and related events for team building
  8. Nearer to home (or closer to best schools)
  9. Respect all around (no one is a superstar on every day of the year!)
  10. Spend money on right talent to expect good returns.

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