Friday, March 30, 2007

Sick Companies and Relieving Letter

My father used to say that people like Marwadis (sorry, I didn't mean to!) will take interest even from Yama for the life they have lived, because he takes it from them.

I have come across such companies whom I got associated with a number of times, including the current one.

The advertise so much, but they hardly care for employees.... their website is full of poop of taking care of employees.

Once the employee decided to leave, what the heck stops them from relieving fast? Obviously few things done by the employer would have made the employee go away from them isnt it? Sicko's dont realise it. They are after getting land at cheaper prices from government in illegal ways, double bill clients, hire freshers taking 75000 rupees illegally thru placement consultants, provide no training or career enhancements, give the best benefit only to the old timers, who have been with them from beginning (sold their souls), provide no decent hikes, forget about employees even in certain important farewell meetings, irritates to the core.... try to hire employees at one level below from previous, promise them onsite posting but don't provide giving vaguest reasons, handle them unceremoniously at the time of exit, forget the old adage of HR that "if you can't make an employee productive, at least make employable (for the sake of hiring, wasting both their times...)",  in the name of flexi-time make the employees slog for peanuts like double than the weekly 40 hours to 80 hours flouting labour laws, while the seniors ask five star chefs to cook for them at office time (Sickos eat hot 5* masala dosai at office time!)....

Relieving letter? No way, pay up 2 months gross, err.... serve 2 months notice till we get a replacement.... it is like living a life of a bonded labor.

There are ways to take care of such people. I am going to print my own relieving letter (just kidding!) or generate my own relieving email (just kidding on Privex). Letterheads are available from the same third party hirers, who share their cut for getting gullible fresher employees....(I am told!) I can also publish such contact no's of agents and company insiders. I can get rid of the company's dirty  CFO in one single email to SOX Compliance Cell in the USA (whistleblower).

This SOX compliance and US government will not keep quiet on just registering the largest private Indian company, just by paying the rulers few millions and flout all the laws of labor. SEC will not keep quiet, shares of their company would be beaten down to death (fallen 50% already)! All the supporters of you know who, will be taken care by USA (I think they have invested in this company thru their shares as the Indian security agency says).
I love working with satisfaction than a job.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

27% Quota Stayed by SC

27% Quota Stayed by SC

A good thing to do!

Please note that I am not against social upliftment.

What is interesting to note is, the creamy layer
exemption and the caste based data based on 1931
census was the reason cited.

Who deserves the most (quota and relief)? This is
unanswered. Constitutional amendment is needed.

What government can do?

(1) exclude creamy layer, but provide scholarships for
them or loan.
(2) for a given family, only 2 people can get
(3) do the social security number system, along with
caste for each and every individual in India. I can
revive Sharon Software Systems, and get a product done
for 10 crores, and get it done for whole of India in a
year, 30 states for the sum equal to NREGS (Rs 100 per
day for unemployed to collected 100 peoples data and

Total People 1050000000
Data per Day/person 100
NREGS unemployed people per state for data collection
States 30
Total Data Per Day 30000000
Days to do collection 35
Project days 365

NREGS Salary Cost is 10000*365*100 = 365.5 crors
Cost of 300000 Laptops at Rs 30000 each = 900 crores
Server Cost at 1500000 * 30 = 4.5 crores
Total project cost at about 1300 crores.

Now with a population of 105,00,00,000 in India and
growing, this is fast needed, even to implement the
social security scheme. The companies can be charged
at 5% of the basic salary (you get the right to send
out a person = layoff, giving 3 months notice) and
also the employee pays 5% giving a nest egg for
government to invest in good bluechips/PSU stocks and
generate returns, and pay upto 18 months relief at
66.66% and rest of the time at 50% till he/she gets a
job. If he or she doesnt get a job in 3 years,
government should retrain the person below 55 and post
in a job providing the acceptable salary, at 50% earned 3 years before. Medicare can also be covered in this. This is doable! I can get it done for India, provided the retirement age is acceptable at 60.

(c) Vijayashankar 2007. Anyone republishing this
without my consent, is liable for a penalty amounting
to 1 Rupee per living person in India.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Worlds first 2 Day International Match!

Hey Folks

Worlds first 2 Day International Match! is being held between West Indies and Australia (split due to rain), and once again, Australia is going to romp home a win!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Multiple offers and dilemma

Multiple offers and dilemma

Definitely, things are tough, if you have made up your mind to join a small company as a VP with a decent jump and another offer comes in... Dilemma... things might get complicated if one more offer comes in, as we end up talking to multiple parties before the firm and final offer comes in.

Also you have to look into the matter of the larger company and living in the same place too! Very seriously... no shifting, no school hassles, no pain.... (but the gain is what is looked at... )

Yes matters gets complicated if, the new offer is same or better from the first offer,  accepts all the notice period, plus the sign on bonus of 2 months gross salary, and ensures that your long term on site trip with family would be taken care for atleast one year.... of course with 10 times more stock options on signing on day!

So much for the IT industry issues and the run along with it. I would feel very dejected to say NO to anyone who has offered me. Since IT industry is so networked, and everyone knows everyone, it would be tough when you cross paths later.

I still feel and laugh at the interview question (first one almost) "Why do you want to change your job?"  while they were after me at the right fit! (with the baiters/consultants running around)

Always I do tell that I dont plan anything beyond 5 years.... Also, may be, I might revive Sharon Software Systems later.

Let us wait and see, one more day to decide! All are subject to getting the relieving letter on time, with no worries. But both companies wouldnt know that I have already quit....(mentally)

Fun City Chennai is a Death Trap for Kids

Fun City Chennai is a Death Trap for Kids

No safety, no First Aid Kit, and hundreds of kids allowed to play in a small area!

Something fishy and wrong and collision with local government is happening.

Yesterday we went with my kids to City Centre the new place for food and fun in Chennai. Obviously the fame is catching up, but without any safety precautions. The place is doomed and will be taken care!

After a meal in one of the restaurants, my kids insisted on playing at Funcity, who charge at exorbitant rates... 20 rupees for a 2 minutes game and 80 rupees for 1 hour in the congested death trap (slide and balls play area).

No attendant (with due respect, they dont have locals for managing - I dont know why?) was actively taking care of kids.

Since my son is under 5, we wanted  to be along with him, just to ensure. The flat faced lady comforted me that nothing wrong will happen and they will take care of kids well. My kids played for 10 minutes, and some rowdy kids - too small to take care, pushed around and my son fell down, with a big scratch on his face. (tip of the nose). I rushed there, and in vain, found no first aid kit. (obviously someone is taking bribe and letting the safety norms go for a toss!). No cotton and we had to use of hankies and take him to the nearest hospital. Luckily nothing serious and I hope the scar heals fast. The surgeon at CSI Kalyani Hospital nearby said, there could be a little scar....Now there will be mental tension and we have to run around, that too with his annual exam time!

When all this was happening, the manager did a first thing, all managers would envy off! He asked the flat faced lady whom I was angry with, to run away from the scene. (Note - there was business going on as usual, without first aid kit, but collecting money only!).

I wish someone from government take a sincere note of this and close down the establishment ASAP.

I live in Gopalapuram and proximity to the ruling party folks. Things will get messy! If it had been USA I would have sued them for a billion, not that I will not do it now!