Friday, January 25, 2008

Rumours at workplace

Recently we had a get together at our company and that day due to some food poisoning I was totally unwell. I pulled myself along and stayed late at the party as much as I can, till the dinner started and moved out for home. You cannot stay put when your stomach and butt gives up. My job was done once the US visitors moved out, keeping them in good humour and hoping their visit was taken care.

But came to know about some romours about me, spread by one of the HR person, about me looking out for a change and probably fell out with management. Typically HR folks derives cruel pleasure out of this, as I have heard from my current HR after few days after the person joined, sort of blackmailing that my resume is found on monster and I should remove it.

I have heard from many HR guys I have worked with, on other colleagues, mostly in the form of resumes posted on websites, and they see it on purpose (probably they search for more experienced people than needed for the position er... developers, wasting company's time and effort).

Unfortunately some pictures taken at the party make this outcome. Cannot help these rumour mongers.

But for rumour spreaders, accidents do happen. For spiritual people like me, if anyone thinks on negatives on me, it would affect them thousand times, in return.