Saturday, May 17, 2008

Indian Hockey team in Azlan Cup Final - Kudos

Great team work! Excellent work by the new team. Hats off Dhanraj!
Indian Hockey team in Azlan Cup Final - Kudos to the new team.
So what did the old Gill do to date?

Nice Movie Narnia - Prince Caspian

Not as good as the previous one. Worth seeing in theatres only! Aslan the Lion King, comes in the end only.
We watched it at Urvashi after a sumuous MTR lunch. (after my blogging their attitude has changed, servers are wearing only vestis and serve with care).
Parking lot at Urvashi is a problem, back bumper got scratched.
It is always good to spend the time with family.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2008 and update on Phase 2

Very good turnout, about 60%
Bellary as cool as they say! Well done people.
I would have expected 75%
More should vote.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bangalore New Airport to Open on May 22nd, 2008

Finally the news is out. Bangalore New Airport to Open on May 22nd, 2008 (Thurs night is the first landing by Kingfisher flight from Mumbai at 8PM and first take off at 12.50AM May 23rd, 2008 AirIndia to Singapore). They timed it so well before the new government comes on board, after vote counting on May 25th, Sunday. Ha Ha!

So HAL Airport is going to be closed. It will cost 1 hour extra each way (forget the new maps that are shown in newspapers, about 4, on the reach points form City to Airport - all takes 4 hours early start before the flight).

Now to catch a flight I take a taxi 2 hours before. From May 22nd 2008 it would be 3 hours before, easily from Bannerghatta Road. Plus the 675 Rs UDF (user development fee) he he develops the BIAL builders! International passengers would cough $ 20 equivalent. (somewhere approx.)

I would rather take the Shatabdi or the train. If I have work in the day, I will take the night train and get some rest. The total travel time to Chennai is 5 to 6 hours, and to catch the train all I need is 1 hour drive.

I bet allowing HAL with short hauls of 1 hour or less would have benefitted passengers (Within South 4 states), airport workers and cargo handlers. Also the really early morning departure (to Delhi/Mumbai) and late night arrival flights etc can be allowed. All they would have needed is to pay out 30% of the Rs 225/- getting collected per passenger or about Rs 75/-. Still workable, if Mallya thinks. I challenge them to give me the control of BIAL and Bangalore Airspace for 3 years and I promise to recover the invested cost.

I am told the Cargo lobby succeeded and they would continue using the HAL airport. Great! Even chartered flights, do not get covered under the BIAL compulsion.

So I pray to all to improve the road conditions, and get a smooth ride to Airport from Any part of City. Elevated expressways are the best helps people and politicians as well. All are happy!

Do you know that KSIDC and govt, who have given 1400 crores out of 2100 crores project, that is whopping 66% of loan, were willing to waive half the interest (7.5% rate) till the HAL runs.

But R K Misra the ROI Lead India winner would not be happy!

Bhajji banned for 5 ODIs (Slapgate Controversy)

Bhajji banned for 5 ODIs for slapping Sreesanth in IPL.
So he misses Bangladesh series and Asia cup.
So what happens to Lalchand Rajput for applausing the slap?

H1B visa, what USA can do now?

Now that H1B visa are getting over fast in first few days, what USA can do now?
Lottery is not the answer. Equal division among empoyers should be there.
The back pending visas that was not used or exhausted from previous years, since H1B was introduced should be given now.
People who have stayed in USA for more than 5 years on non immigrant work visa, can be given a work permit for another 5 to 10 years, on a renewable basis, with non immigrant status.
Immigrant numbers for India can be increased.
With dollar hovering around 40 Rs/$, lur eto USA is not that great nowadays.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Movie Review - Jumper

Jumper is a movie about teleporting at wish! Didnt we dream about it in young age?

The hero is a Jumper, who learns about being one, when he sincerely believes he can escape from death, and he appears in the school library.

Sensing his power, he becomes a bank thief. Some nice scenes on stealing in the vault. Unimaginable. But I wonder how the security cameras didnt pick up the images, or ther eis no sensor based activation of alarms.

Samuel L Jackson comes as a jumper hunter.

This is an offtake of the small people movie (neighbours?)

The movie is shot in exotic locations, Arctic, Canda, Egypt, Australia, Prague, Italy etc. Wonderful!

And there is one heroine, who is used for the flesh scenes and no act.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Comment of the H4 wife saga blog

Since I had disabled comments, a kind member used another post to post this comment. Voila! Thanks Dear!

(Reproducing this, as it is, that was sent to me! Pardon the spellings! If you have any problems getting rubbed in the wrong way, in the wrong place somewhere I cannot reach, email me - I hope you might be intelligent to see my profile and get my email address!)

Hi All,
Even I am in the same boat. But I am keeping myself in various activities.
I watched lots of english movies for which I never got time .
I joined gym as a workout.
My daily routine is set.I make break-fast.I make sure there is always varieties of option in food. My husband use to come daily for lunch.We do it together.
I give proper attention to my husband's and my diet.
I love reading. I am using US public-library facility to the fulliest. Knowledge never goes waste.
I keep busy myself doing cleaning and laundry work. So that everything is perfect at our home. It help in maintaining Hygiene also.
I do grocery shopping by planning.I helps my husband in making budget. I uses lots of coupons. I always keep an eye on Hot Deals.
In last, "kahan samay jata pata hi nahi chalta".
Moreover there is no universal problem of In-Laws.

Review of movie TRADE

Oscar nominated movie TRADE (with a pedophile concept).

Here they show the Russian (why?) involved in Globalisation of trade of young kids getting trafficked by wicked pedophiles.

The Hero from Mexico City is working at odd jobs (tourist guide - thief) to make a living - staying with family with no father. He gifts a bike one day to his lovely young sister aged 13. She likes it so much, she wants to take it for a ride  (also wants to give brother a card AMOR). On the way the mafiaso kdnaps her. Here the director shows how the people traffic is made across the water border between Mexico and USA.

The lure or Glamour, Money and free life is shown immaculately.

The corrupt officials in Mexico and USA (too?) are shown in bad light.

There is one good person is police force of USA, who goes around finding trafficked kids and return them back

Intelligent climax on the Online Auction of kids Online. 2 secs before the timeout, the bid is placed for a sure win. Moments of brilliance. The girl is rescued and the brother takes her to home. No no the story doesnt end here. The is one superclimax. The brother kills the mafia don Russian, and while he is lying on the road dead, his small kid  walks by and calls "Papa". Poetic justice.

Also the movie begins with Glamour minded tourists  (Poland?)  who are intended immigrants to USA via Mexico going to USA with wrong thugs and getting killed.

The main concept of kidnap minus the moving away from USA type things, is made as Tamil movie Anjade.

Talking about H4 visa wifes saga in USA (also Spouse)

Some one wrote somewhere that H4 wifes have a tough time in USA, but I beg to differ.
Note that I am not a male chauvinist, and this applies to Spouse as in the Title. (Males on H4 visa). I have also quoted my wife, with her permission.
I have spoken about this in my communication skills course talk at PSG Tech, Coimbatore (eventually I topped that subject too!). Based on the talk there are few males and many females unmarried (sic!).
Substitute, he or she as you please. Not being a male chauvinist here. Narrow minded idiots would think otherwise. If abuses are hurled, I would collect severe punitive damages, including the entire networth and make those guys go on road, literally. IT information act protects, the Indian constitution and does not protect abuses.
She wanted American life, that was the reason she bought (literally in South Indian context, gold, katnam, dowry) . What is the heck about not working? She very well knows (or just by googling) you can find about how the H4 visa holder can or cannot survive in USA. The lure of Green Card to USA eventually the citizanship, pride among family members, and the famous American Life, richness etc, dreams to become true!

I was on H1 and my wife too came along.

Here are some of the things to do (lots). I will keep updating....

Learn the American Accent. Worth every cent of it for a BPO job, just-in case.

Learn driving in the USA roads. Get comfortable.

Volunteering for local cause ASHA, CRY, Indian associations, Tamil Telugu classes etc.

First of all she learnt cooking! (in India she was pampered at home) She learnt the American way to cook. Do you know that the ketchup packet an dthe pepper salt small pack at MacDonalds is alone enough for a decent Rasam, with a little parsely leaves/coriander?

She took some Computer courses from local college.

Learnt Spanish. Got some Spanish/Mexicans friends and fun with that. It helps in future biz.

She did lots of learning and programming and helped in developing something at home (which is not illegal) which was the seed for the venture we tried to find in India. (intelligent wife)

I am not trying to convince the USA authorities to allow H4 visa holders to work like L2 as we know very well they read and store each and every correspondence that matters for USA. Something is in the offing for that to be allowed.

Obviously, unless the husband wants to come back to India, she can scale up her skills (SAP training in the elearning mode) and earn tons of USDs.

You can help the daily household chores completed and make sure husband concentrates on work alone. Paying bills, grocery urgent shopping etc.

Keep the tax books, on savings investments tab everyday. Stock market investing in USA doesnt need a visa.

Plan for the future kids and get ready for it. Mentally and physically.

A friends wife learnt Adobe Illustrator at home, and came up with a product idea, and once my friend got his GC, floated that idea and got some venture and today he is a multi-millionaire.

And you can do lots of excercises, keep yourself hip. Eat frog legs, mussels, kim chew etc.

For unintelligent wifes who cannot do above, put on lots of weight - eat lots of chips and be happy, drinking lotsa coke. (I would say all of the H4 wives are very intelligent on taking the bold step to get H4 visa itself).

Man being a housewife equals 6 jobs. Worth the salary the guy gets. With recession looming - you can ensure the husband gets knowledge of keeping the job alive. Worth it!

Also you need someone around to take care of parents and in-laws visiting for 6 months (small time) every year alternating. And it takes a month just to pack things for them to go back to India with the dollar shop gifts, purchased - weekend over weekend on sales. So you are blocking 6 to 7 months of your yearly calendar.