Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Muralitharan bigger than Bedi

Masters of spin and woes, could have been the apt title for the article Mukul Kesavan wrote.

Read here on Cricinfo More than Muralitharan; bigger than Bedi

My comment is also there....

I think that Murali is correct when he says he is within the legal limits of chucking as per ICC rules. Bedi is also correct when he says according to him he consider's Murali's action similar to chucking.

There is no contradiction here as I will explain with an example. A person has parked his car regularly for last 10 years at acertain place. Today Police put up a "No Parking " board. What was legal until yesterday will now be illegal. Similarly, ICC by declaring a limit on arm bending has made Murali's action legal. Let's however allow Bedi to retain his stance based on human eye instead of the lab tests. I think Murali should not have sought legal action but rather ignored the comment of Bedi. Similarly no body has commented on Arjuna Ranatuga's response which is more defamatory than Bedi's statement.


Pardon my English!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

India at 60

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