Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Diet Plan Advice South Indian

Looking for a vegetarian diet plan exclusive for South Indian male, 4+ living in Bangalore.

 I do yoga and cycling for 45 minutes and 45 minutes of walk every day.

When I lived in the US, I was diagnosed to have slow metabolism. Rarely I eat meat.

I start day with honey in hotwater + lime, then 3 dosa / idlies or One cup (150 g) of upma - only onions, no veg - sooji/oats and a cup of coffee.

Mid morning is a tea only. Lunch is 2 cups of rice with dal/sambar, rasam and curds with one vegetable.

Evening I have tea. Rarely some bakery item like puffs.

Dinner is usualy 2 chappathis with gravy - paneer/rajma/veg korma/ chutney (fried gram/coriander + coconut) and 1 banana. Saturdays I skip breakfast. Sunday I eat brunch @ 12 and Dinner is usually early like 7pm. Retired to bed by 10pm everyday. wake up at 5.30. Steady sedentary life. I see variations of weight by 10 kgs addition in winter period ( Nov-Jan ) and reduces in Summer (trips, hiking, temple visits) - I sweat a lot but I hydrate well.

In Summer I clean stomach in Ayurvedic way I take Ayurvedic Analoma 75mg 3 tablets, for 3 nights to kill germs in system. (can be taken once in 3 months too! )