Saturday, October 20, 2012


Talk about dignity.

I studied at St.Mary's Kotagiri till 5th (till 1979) and moved to Tirupur (Hosiery Town)

finished my Matric in St Josephs, Tirupur and Plus 2 in Bishops, Tirupur and never once missed the pride and

accepted the teachers inputs ( In particular Father Pancras in XI, XII class - for bringing

my English to an acceptable level of writing - with right criticisms in compositions). This

continued at PSG Tech, Coimbatore, where I was able to win accolades in Tamil Poems and

Debates and helped me to top in many subjects, including Communication Skills.

I am not able to take certain things in stride when people go out of the way, than they

portray themselves off. For e.g., certain folks publicly writing in his blog, that

he/family has seen movies on DVD, which is not yet released in that format, but available

on streets. This is utter devaluation of values they are to write and promote. Cant they

watch in the theatres if they can afford?