Friday, September 14, 2012

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I always want to lose the extra weight I put on from time to time and struggle with exercise and diet to lose and bring it back to normal....This has been one fluctuating phenomenon in my life for the past ten years I go on and off with my weight..But for the past one year it was a real challenge and how much ever I put my foo
t down or stand on my head I was unable shed off the extra weight 15 kgs from my ideal weight.

The 60 days challenge came as a blessing in the need of the hour and I joined the group with much hesitance that the diet and starving will take a toll on the skin and wash the cheeks as these two factors are always the set backs in other diet regimes I have under taken in the past. .But to my dismay this 60 days diet regime indeed enhanced the skin textures on my face,lightened the complexion and brought total freshness than ever before ..I started venturing in the diet and followed each and every instructions and tips religiously with belief ,positive attitude and good workout schedule and all the above payed excellent dividends just in the span of 2 months ..lost 14 kgs in 60 days and now I have lost more than what I desired and indeed want to add few kgs to get my desired look..

Coming to the positive side of the diet program..First an excellent leadership by Mr.Ravi Nag and the support and encouragement from my fellow peers who made me go through this journey incredibly

I started eating sensibly,,learned to control my craving and inculcated the habit of drinking water daily and never the less to say the benefits of nature that provides us through vegetables and fruits which are the main ingredients of this program ..

As far as the metabolism changes concerned the most visible difference I noticed is in the sleep pattern,very smooth deep and undisturbed solid six hours sleep and the subtle energy the body grasped in spite of eating considerably less quantity than I used to eat before. The hormonal disturbances during menstrual cycle are corrected ,Gone younger enough to fit into my teen daughter’s outfits .All the more I couldn’t describe through words the wellness and divine feeling it gets into me day by day till today and it is just not only in reducing the weight number but has changed the personality over all..

I can say with full confidence that I turned out to be a COMPLETE WOMAN in just 60days..Thanks to one and all..

Thanks for reading and wish you all the best of FIGURE & FITNESS

Anything is POSSIBLE with sheer determination and Guidance

Monday, September 10, 2012

கேட்டால் கிடைக்கும்

I had an episode at Total Mall, Madivala where they ask you to pay for water bottle, when you have snacks in the 2nd floor. After telling them that as per rules, they are supposed to give drinking water in eateries, I was given an unopened bottle. The manager apologized and said that they would keep a water dispenser.

Really in this world,

கேட்டால் கிடைக்கும்!