Monday, January 19, 2015

Professional Education system in Tamilnadu

Everyone cries everyday for something or the other! Nothing new in it. ~Anonymous

Apt and applies for Engineering and professional college students....

If you don't score good marks, you are doomed.

This is called living with fear or putting fear to live! There will be some door open for anyone to live - working of course. At least s/he can assist poor sick people in an Ashram for sure and get 3 square meals a day!

Since the education system is so blatantly marks oriented... depends upon health, mood etc on the day of exam and of course the examiner.. the real worth of one cannot be found based on ones mark sheet. If a person is confident enough to learn to get marks to qualify a degree, s/he can find a way to survive.... A person has to live for him/herself than others.

Tamilnadu education system sets a bad example in providing Engineering and Medical admissions solely on basis of the final +2 marks scored... without any entrance test ( I wrote one! ) or aptitude test like IIT JEE. Most of the students rote (by heart) and get by scoring centums in the core subjects to get into the course of their choice and these tuition centres make a killing!

Luck is a matter of GOD!