Friday, August 11, 2006

KP Hororary Astrology

KP Horary Astrology is a prominent branch of Astrology, which is more, perfect, wonderful and more useful for those, who dont know their time of birth. Horary word derived from ‘hora’ of Sanskrit, which means hour. In this branch predictions are forecasted on the base of horoscope, casted at the time of Query, called Horary Horoscope.

This method based on Nakshatras, is a rational and has a scientific approach as any other branch of astrology and it is the sublime art at foreseeing events from the position of the planets at the moment when one propounds seriously a question about any important matter.

In Nakshatra based Horary system, the astrologer asks the querist to give a number at random from 1 up to 249. The number that is given by the querist and the time when he/she asks the question forms the base for the prediction. It is the ruling planets at the time of query, which enables the astrologer to predict. The number that he/she gives depends upon his/her mind, which is governed by the Moon. So that particular number Reflect the question and answer, in the ruling planets, which govern the time of query. This branch is a discovery of Prof. K S. Krishnamurti, the world fame researcher of K. P. System in Vedic Indian Astrology. It is so clear, convincing and correct which is resorted to, mostly by those, who doubt the correctness of their birth data. Horary astrology can answer all your questions and clear all doubts even without your correct birth details.

This system completely follows principles of astrology. `By applying it one can predict the longevity, health, success or failure in ones enterprise, ones stay in foreign or return to native place, the time of marriage and description of partner, reunion or divorce, re-marriage, birth of children, result of examination, recovery of lost articles, gain by lottery, races or speculations, success in litigation, treasure legacy, even day to days minor issues like when will my kid come back from school? Anything and everything, which is chasing the peace of your mind and family, you can ask. Thousands of people, who were doubtful for their birth details, are already benefited with divine branch of Vedic Indian Astrology.

Using KP Stellar System I can give the time period of the event to happen, if it is an "Yes".

Please note the answer could be "Yes" or "No" only. I cannot give names etc...

If you would like to have a KP Hororary predictions done, do contact me on the email id vijayashankar dot india @ gmail dot com

I charge Rs 1,000/- for India residing Indians and US $ 100/- for NRI's foreigners. All proceeds go towards charity!