Saturday, May 10, 2008

Assembly Elections Karnataka 2008 (an update on Phase I)

I did not vote this time as I was refused to register, as branded from being a domiciled person of TN. Let my Voter Id card remaining a de-facto, non available thing. Did not enlist at all. No bother. Enjoy Tamasha. May be since I have land in Anekal, I would get a voters card there?

Pleasant weather. 50% turnout in City and 60% overall.

Walked around a bit in the neighboring area in Bangalore South and could see reasonable turnout. Danger in the stomach. I dont know when Democarcy will be celebrated as the developed countries over here.

I think voters were very sincere. No bias shown, except the slip issuers and booth owners. Minidors were plying people and no EC observer was bothered I think.

I could see 2 candidates of major parties within half hour going from booth to booth (very sincere to give service to people, and both of them live very close to my area and might remember me, and recognize if one wins!), the third main party one obviously know is Bangalore City they have no chance, visibility is very poor.

One of the candidates asked me whether I had voted, I said I did not get registered. He bad mouthed the authorities and moved on.

Long live democracy!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Welcome Twitter in my life!
Seems like a nice utility.
But cannot blog lots of stuff, just 160 chars.
Enjoy it @

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Assembly Elections Karnataka 2008

I am non political here.
All the eligble voters have to go and vote.
May 10, 16 and 22 are voting days in 3 parts. Results on 25th May.
Based on KP Hororary analysis, by 9.23 AM on 25th May, the trend would be clear.
Mars clearly indicates there is in-fight, negligence to form govt. Once again coalition?
By 26th morning 6.35 AM all will be clear, including the leadership. The ruler would be an old one. (Krishna, HDK or Yeddi?)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Securing MySQL data

Here is a link on Securing MySQL data

Recruiting Top Management

Businessweek has a nice refresher on recruiting top management. While it primarily seems to be written for large companies, the lessons are equally relevant to startups. Of course, there are some additional points one needs to keep in mind when recruiting for startups:

  • Sell a personal vision - not just of where the company wants to be, but also why the prospective candidate should get involved. Money? Significance? Career advancement? Broad-skilling?
  • Build credibility - let others speak for you. Customers? Investors? Advisors?
  • Prepare well - have a detailed view on why you need this person - is he going to feel overqualified once he comes in?
  • Hire the best - this is a motherhood statement, but one which cant be emphasized enough, especially for startups.

Any others that have been useful in your experience? I have benefited from it, and would like to join someone who does this.

Most of the points are valid. Being an entrepruener myself, I have tried and tired of startups and funds, and more dearth of them, the cost implication would be a matter of concern.
It is alright to recruit someone with a high challenging appetite, who might also want some big dough! But he should sort of do some additional job, that you may not
Say you are hriing a CTO with 15 years experience, he or she should not only do the PM role, also the QM role as well and do a bit of AM with the clients, saving the cost involved.
So if you pay less, the guy gets dejected, lulls, switches the job. Period. You startup remains as "one". Pay the cost and get the best!
These are just experiences that I have personally gone thru. Feedbacks?

MTR near Lalbagh is getting lousy

Recently went to MTR with family. First of all there is no parking. Where should you park the car? The management should have a valet parking service for a cost!
I parked it on JC Road lot, walked by the back gate, rached Urvasi and turned right to MTR - about 15 minutes for a lousy service at MTR.
First of all, they charged half (more?) for my kids, who didnt eat anything other than 2 pooris.
The waiters are smelly and unkempt. Luckily the food tasted good, but my wife cribbed, "again!". SHe them to the core, tastes worst than the home food. We go to hotels to have different tasty food isnt it? (of course forget the quantitiy you binge on outside, than home).

It was 3 PM, and we were in the last pandhi and got out and found that we have to exit by the back door, through the smelly kitchen. Wogh! No more visits to MTR after seeing rats and cockroaches running around there, if still you want the food of Mangalore - Mavalli.


Very important item. Those days it was only writing and nowadays it is typing. Saves lots of trees.
Do you have any idea on a cheap notebook in Bangalore?
Appreciate your inputs.

Anti-Virus Software

Anti-Virus Software
What are the free ones available on the net? Any idea?
Post ideas please.

Party Supplies

It is vacation time to load up on Party Supplies....
Lots of visitors to come in.

Bangalore to Chennai trip (via Vellore)

I am looking for ideas to drive to Vellore new Mahalakshmi temple. (Golden temple)
I heard it is very good.

Bangalore to Mysore trip

I am looking for ideas and inputs of having a Bangalore to Mysore trip done this weekend.
The highways are good, I have seen till Maddur 30 kms before Srirangapatna.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Who hires MBAs - Industry Wise!



Information Technology






Financial Services








Consumer Products






Public Sector










Source: 2007 QS Applicant Survey

About your career! Free advice!

Some interesting book!