Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why do people leave their luxurious life in the US and go back to India?

Hmm… taking US citizenship and traveling the world or coming back to retire in India is an option that I have seen with 3 relatives & friends!

1. has biz, returned back when he was 45 & kinda semi retired (IIT guy), sent his daughter back to US for Bachelors, now after her MBA, settled back there itself being an US Citizen.

2. Went to US at age 34 and worked on his PhD for 6 years, Post Doc for 2 years and on job for 23 years & retired. Back now to India and started teaching as Professor near his hometown while his kids are living in US, 1 married, 1 looking for!

3. Came back when he was 60 & both kids married in India (never gave up US Citizenship and they keep biz ties in US). Mostly they are traveling around the world, after having earnt a lot. Will work till his last breath he says!

(BTW, I have given up my US Green card in the final stages during 2000 and never immigrated, just worked there on non immigrant visa)