Monday, February 04, 2013

Emotional Fool - A review

Emotional Fool is a book written by Selva Ganapathy, who works with voluntary organization AID - INDIA that works with downtrodden. This blook ( blog + book )  was self published under The format of the book has come out very well, with very little or no errors! The narration style is very nice in terms of a friend talking to us. Not gibberish.

Emotional Fool

He has written like a biopic that portrays his friendly love for a girl Priya who comes to work with him in the voluntary organization.

He is emotional in friendship, which blossoms through SMS and chat is written in the form of a blook. A blog converted as blook.

Initial stages he touches upon his own life, how he struggled after issues with his dad and his own success step by step.

Priya seems to be friendly, but beyond a point she doesnt understand the poignancy in the friendship that is shown. There is a breakup. But the hero of this blook is adamant and wants to prove his unconditional love for her.

Good Luck Selva!