Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Here's my A-Z Bucket List of wishes for a super 2011 and many, many more to come -

A - Accomplishments that you, your parents and progeny will be proud of.

B - Bravado in taking the right stand, even in tricky scenarios.

C - Courage to admit your own mistakes.

D - Divinity and your proximity to it.

E - Ethereal sense in even the most mundane of things you do.

F - Faith in the One above.

G - Grit and Gumption as two of your important traits.

H - Hope and Happiness as two strong allies.

I - Ideation and Imagination as your trusted lieutenants.

J - Joy of life; and Justice that you endeavour to bring out in your hemisphere.

K - Keen and sharp mind even in your twilight years.

L - Love of family and friends.

M - Music of the Universe that you develop a fine ear for.

N - Noble mindedness, Nice manners, Nourished soul, Notable achievements and Nirvana as the final reward.

O - Opportunity to grow both as a fine individual and an above-par professional.

P - Passion for life and its finer elements.

Q - Quest for knowledge, perpetually.

R - Respect for animals, nature and what you have been bestowed upon.

S - Sensibilities for discerning right from wrong.

T - Trust in your own ability.

U - Uncompromising stand towards all that is unjust, corrupt and malaise infested - both in our minds and the society we live in.

V - Vision for charting out your own unique course.

W - Warmth stemming out of the coziness of your relationships with all your significant others including your pet children.

X - Xperience (sic) in life replete with all its vicissitudes and tribulations AND that little XTRA (sic) that allows you to give
your individualistic spin to your personal matrix.

Y - Young spirit that conquers over an aging body and tired mind.

Z - Zest, Zeal and a Zillion dreams to enrich your own lives and to make this a better world to live in.

Have a wonderful 2011.