Friday, January 18, 2008

Return to USA? Why and why not?

In India you earn about 30% of USA and save about 50% of USA savings (nett). But the clarity in upbringing on kids and togetherness to family... Mastercard for life moments! (no relative will ask for money, if you live and work in India, than being in USA - a Telugu Bidda says)

I decided to raise the family in India and returned back, after I made the minimum money that I thought - would take my lifetime.

Unless you have a GC or US passport, you can be kicked out anytime and live in the fear ( er... mugging and terrorism...), but in India (if you stick to your hometown state, no one care dare!)

Yeah, you do miss, on bragging to relative on dollars, shops, clean roads and trips.... snow...

I met a family in USA with 3 kids, 2 born in India, and at age of 42, the lady wanted a US Citizen kid proudly, and the kid was born autistic. Now they cannot return back, obviously as they have to take care of specially the kid they badly had in US and wanted to raise like a normal kid...

So many stories to tell.