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You should watch this!

I'm F**king Matt Damon

Man Matt Damon, Ben Affleck & Brad Pitt in one video! Hot!

Others in video..

Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, Rebecca Romijn, Benji Madden, Joel Madden, Dicky Barrett, Christopher Mintz-Plasse aka Mclovin, Lance Bass, Dominic Monaghan, Meatloaf, Pete Wentz, Joan Jett, Huey Lewis, Perry Farrell, Macy Gray and Josh Groban.

Sakkarakatti songs

Sakkarakatti songs by A R Rahman are average, gives a taste of Hindi & Telugu songs, only Chinnamma is good. Nice!

Also 'Elay' song reminds me of one MGR number from Iruvar.

Risk to listen here...

IAEA safegaurds is dabba!

Read this first.

BTW, if India cannot store more than 1 Kg Plutonium, we cannot become Super Power. Probably Lolypop Supera Power only!

So ஒப்பந்தம் is dabba! Left was right. I don't know why I was yelling at my brother!

So Congress failure (even if it survives the vote on July 18/22) would not matter. PM would be catertaker, when he signs the full agreement.

So who would win?

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Sangalph - Its for togetherness, a Short Story

Sangalph - Its for togetherness, a Short Story

John looks back at the incidents in his last 44 years of married life. Being a book store owner, is not giving him enough to make a splashy living, but life chugs along.

He was the one who introduced the 'read as you like' concept in the nicely lit store, closer to M.G.Road the heart of Bangalore.

Now his darling wife Aruna lies in Coma at Nimhans, recovering from the Spinal Injury, that happened due to the negligent driving of a rich youngster.

He looked at the small transistor radio, what keeps him busy, listening to the latest noisy FM, myriad of channels.

"How wonderful were those times....." he thought, tapping on that radio.


Aruna was one of the daughters of a leading Kannada moviemaker, Rajanna, who had produced the first colour movie with spectacular effects with Dr.Rajkumar those days. She was a regular reader and a book buyer.

John always tried to strike a chord, with his shop visitors, mostly free readers and some buyers. Aruna was good lucking, and she always caught his attention.

Books were shared, then the walk to the India Coffee House happened, and moments were shared. Pleasantries were exchanged day to day and the relation grew strong.

He had the habit of opening the store, "Sangalph", named it for bringing the togetherness between the books and people, only in the afternoon on a busy Sunday.

That particular day, Aruna walked in a hurry, looking for a particular book on American Life & Culture, as on the previous day, John F Kennedy was assassinated on, Friday, November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, USA. The Vietnam War was about to begin, and USA army was stationed to get in soon, and the hippie culture and the booming American life had put thoughts into minds of Indians, to look at America as the destination. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was encouraging the Nuclear Research at BARC, for cleaner energy under the abled leadership of Homi Bhabha. USA was never seen with closer ties, unlike USSR.

He took her address, and said " I will get it to you!".

That is how, he met her father Rajanna, while her mother had passed away due to brain fever - dengue.

"Wonderful daughter Sir. I like you movies too! You are lucky!" said John, to the smiling face of Rajanna.


Sitting at the Cubbon Park, and watching the stray dogs, beggars pass by one day, Aruna asked John, "Why don't we get married?".

He was dumbfound.

They were married at the Registrars office, near Hudson Circle, on the morning of May 27th, 1964, the day when Nehru passed away.


No kids, only Jimmy the Labrador dog and later Rocky, named after the Sylvester Stallone movie character, a cross German Shepherd & Rajapalayam breed.

Aruna went into charity, and spent time with kids, in a friends Montessori No fights, and they cared well for each other. The "Sangalph" shop was improved, and more readers started coming in. Business was busy, and as usual, with new authors from India starting to write.

Many languages were read there. Aruna, who had studied at Kotagiri St.Marys Homes, School, had picked up Tamil, and liked the literature and brought in upcoming writers to read at the shop, a new concept that was catching up then. Sujatha Rangarajan was the first to read his book, "Nylon Kayiru". That novel had come in the form of a series during 1968 in Kumudam. An engineer writing novels, people were amazed.


Occasionally, cinema guys and family came to the house in the upcoming Cox Town area.


They celebrated all the religious festivals with pomp and flavour. From Sankranthi to Christmas.


A month ago from today, Bangalore pub culture, and the nightly walk, costed the lively Aruna, her health state into Coma. The guy was so drunk, and in front of John, he had rammed the car on the footpath.


He sat by her side, holding her hands gently, and softly kisses her on the forehead. He thought, "you might be in coma, in a state of wanderlust, but, your memories, would always be with me Aruna. The Sangalph, our togetherness stays on. I wish to see you wake up and smile at me one day....". Today is May 27th, 2008.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

OSHO and Death

OSHO and Death


The first thing is they don’t bother about it. They are not worried about whether it will remain or not. It is you who are worried. They don’t think of the next moment.

The next life is just irrelevant; even the next day, the next moment, is not a point of concern. It is you who always ask about something in the future, something of the future. Why?

Because your present is just empty, your present is just nothing, your present is just
rotten, your present is such a suffering that you can tolerate it only if you go on thinking
of the future and the paradise and the life ahead.
Just here now there is no life so you pitch your mind into the future just to escape from the present, the ugly present. One who is realized is here and now, totally alive. All that can happen has happened. There is no future to it. Whether death is going to kill him or not is not a concern at all. It is the same.

Whether he disappears or remains, it makes no difference. This moment is so rich, so absolutely rich, this moment is so intense, that his whole being is here and now.

Anand asked Buddha again and again, “What will happen to you when your body dies?”
And Buddha insisted again and again, “Anand, why are you so concerned about the
future? Why don’t you look at me, at what is happening now?” But again, after a few
days, he will ask, “What happens to an enlightened one when his body dies?” He is afraid about himself.

He is afraid. He knows that when the body dies there is no possibility of reviving it, there is no possibility of remaining, there is no possibility of being. And he has not attained anything.
The light will just go out—it has been a futile thing. If that happens without his attaining anything, he will simply disappear. So the whole thing was meaningless, the whole suffering was meaningless, leading nowhere.

He was concerned; he wanted to know if something survives after the body. But Buddha says, “I am here and now. What will happen in the future is not a concern at all.”

So the first thing is that a realized one is not bothered. That is one of the signs of a
realized one—he is not bothered by the future.
And the second thing—you asked, how does he know for sure? Knowledge is always sure. Certainty is inherent, intrinsic, to knowledge. You have a headache. Can I ask you, “How can you say for sure that you have a headache?” You will say, “I know.” I can ask, “But how are you sure that your knowledge is right and not wrong?” But no one asks such nonsensical questions. When the headache is there, it is there—you know it.

Knowledge is intrinsically certain. When one is enlightened, he knows he is enlightened;
he knows that he is not this body; he knows that inside he is just a vast space. And space cannot die. Things can die, space cannot die.

Just think about this room.
We can destroy this building, this “Woodlands”, but we cannot destroy the roominess in this room. Can you destroy it? The walls can be destroyed, but we are sitting here in this roominess, space. The walls can be destroyed, but how can you destroy this room—not the walls, the space here? The whole of “Woodlands” may disappear—it will disappear one day—but this space will remain.

Your body will disappear and because you don’t know the inner space, you are afraid. You want to know it for sure. But an enlightened man knows that he is the space—not the body, not the walls, but the inner space. The walls will drop, they have dropped many times, but the inner space will remain. It is something he has to find proofs for, it is his immediate knowledge. He knows it, that’s all.

Knowledge is intrinsically certain.
If your knowledge is uncertain, then remember it is not knowledge. People come to me and they say, “Our meditation is going very well. We are feeling very happy.” And then suddenly they ask me, “What do you say about it? Is our happiness really there? Are we really happy?” They ask me! They are not certain about their happiness. What type of knowledge is this? They are simply pretending. But they cannot deceive themselves.

They are thinking, they are hoping, they are wishing—but they are not happy. Otherwise what is the need to ask me? I will never go to ask anybody whether I am happy or not.

Why should I? If I am happy, I am happy. If I am not, I am not. Who else can give proof of it? If I cannot be a witness, who will be a witness for me, and how can the other be a witness? So sometimes I play games. Sometimes I say, “Yes, you are happy. You are absolutely happy.” And they become more happy just by hearing me. And sometimes I say, “No, you don’t show anything. There is no indication. You are not happy.

You must have been dreaming.” And they drop, their happiness disappears, they become sad. What type of happiness is this? Just by saying that you are happy it increases; and just by saying that you are not, it disappears! They are just trying to be happy but they are not.

This is not knowledge, this is just wish-fulfillment. They hope, and they think they can deceive themselves. By thinking that they are happy, believing that they are happy, finding some proof, finding some certificate from somewhere that they are happy, they think that they will create happiness. It is not so easy.

When something happens in the inner world, you know it has happened. You don’t need any certificate, you don’t need one! The very search for someone to approve is childish. It shows that you long for happiness, but you have not attained it.

You don’t know it. It has not happened to you.
One who has realized is always certain, and when I say certain, sure, absolutely sure, I
don’t mean that he feels some uncertainty somewhere, and against that uncertainty he
feels certain—no.

He is simply certain. There is no question of uncertainty. I am alive. Am I certain about
it, sure about it? There is no question. There is no question of certainty. It is absolutely
certain. It does not have to be decided. I am alive.

Socrates was dying and someone asked him, “Socrates, you are dying so easily, so happily. What is the matter? Are you not afraid? Are you not scared?” Socrates said a very beautiful thing. He said, “Only two things are possible after I am dead: either I will be or I will not be. If I am not, then there is no question.

No one is there to know it, to know that ‘I am not’. The whole thing simply disappears. And if I am there, then there is no question -- ‘I am’. Only two are the possibilities: either I will be, or I will not be, and both are okay. If I am, then the whole thing continues. If I am not, then there is no one to know, so why be worried?”
He is not an enlightened one, but he is a very wise man. Remember, this is the difference between a wise one and an enlightened one.

A wise one thinks deeply, penetrates intellectually into everything, and comes to a conclusion. He is a very wise man. He says that there are two alternatives. Logically he penetrates into the phenomenon of death:“only two are the possibilities: either I simply disappear, I am no more; or I will remain.”

Is there any third alternative? There is no third alternative.
So Socrates says, “I have thought about both. If I remain, then there is no question to be worried about. If I am no more, there is no one to worry. So why be worried now? I will see what happens.” He is not in the know, he doesn’t know what is going to happen, but he has thought about it wisely.

He is not a Buddha, he is the keenest intellectual possible.
But if you can become wise—not enlightened, because enlightenment is neither wisdom nor ignorance, the duality has been transcended—even if you can become wise, you will feel relaxed; even if you can become wise, you can feel very contented.

But wisdom is not the goal of Tantra or yoga. Tantra and yoga aim for the superhuman, the point where wisdom and ignorance are both transcended: where one simply knows and does not think, where one simply looks and is aware.

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Indian Squad for SriLanka Test Series

Indian Squad for SriLanka Test Series:

Anil Kumble (c), Virender Sehwag (v-c), Sourav Ganguly , Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid , VVS Laxman, Gautam Gambhir, Harbhajan Singh, Ishant Sharma, Zaheer Khan , RP Singh, Munaf Patel , Rohit Sharma, Dinesh Kaarthick, Pragyan Ojha and Parthiv Patel.

Pragyan Ojha and Rohit Sharma are the new faces to the test squad, but they have played ODIs & T20s.

M S Dhoni pulls out for rest.

Wasim Jaffer , an out-of-form Yuvraj Singh and struggling pacer Irfan Pathan are dropped.

Sreesanth , who is nursing a side strain, has also been left out of the squad. (reason?)


July/August 2008
Wed 23 - Sun 27 1st Test - Sri Lanka v India Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo
Thu 31 - Mon 4 2nd Test - Sri Lanka v India Galle International Stadium
Fri 8 - Tue 12 3rd Test - Sri Lanka v India P Saravanamuttu Stadium, Colombo

Dhoni, Pathan's & Sreesanth should be back for the 5 match ODI series starting August 18th, 2008
& Champions Trophy starts on Sept 13th with campaign against Australia,
then Sep 16th against West Indies and Sept 20th against Pakistan.
Sep 22, 24 and 26 are semi finals and finals days.

Four Hour Week?

இந்திய அமெரிக்க அணு ஒப்பந்தம்

இந்திய அமெரிக்க அணு ஒப்பந்தம்

சரியான ஒன்று என்று எதிரே யார் பேசினாலும் சொல்வேன்!

கேள்விகள் கேட்டது நெட் வாசகன்

நம்மக்கு யுரேனியம் வேண்டும். அணு மின்சாரம் மிக மிக அவசியம். பெட்ரோல் கதை எல்லோருக்கும் தெரியும் அல்லவா?

ஏன் நம்மிடம் இல்லையா?

எந்த கட்சி ஒப்பந்தம் செய்தால் நல்லது?
பீ ஜே பீ. முன்னாள் குடியரசுத் தலைவர் அப்துல் கலாமுக்கு வணக்கம். எதிர்க்கட்சி . நல்ல கட்சி.

சமாஜவாதி துணை இந்த ஒப்பந்தத்தைச் செயல்படுத்தத் தேவையில்லை. இடதுசாரிகளுடன் பேச்சுவார்த்தை நடத்தி, காங்கிரஸ் முடிக்கவில்லை.
ஐடியா விற்பனையில் தவறு. அடுத்த தேர்தலில் ஜெயிக்கும் வழி இல்லை.

மார்சில் நடக்கும்.


ஸ்கூல், எக்ஸ்யாம், எட்ஸெடரா?
யாருக்கு கவலை?

நீங்களா அரசியல் எழுத்கிறீகள்?
என்ன செய்ய, அப்பா தீ மு க, சித்தப்பா அ தீ மு க, அண்ணன் கம்யூநிஸ்ட், தாத்தா காங்கிரஸ் ...
கேள்வி ஞானம் தான்.

ஓ நாற்பது வயசாச்சு!

 நாற்பது வயசாச்சு!

இளம் நாரை
மீசைக்கும் டை
பொண்டாட்டி கோபம் அழகில்லை
திமிர் என்கிறேன் நான்
போடா என்கிறாள் அவள்
கதை இப்படி தான்
எனக்கு நாற்பது வயசாச்சு! 

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வாழ்க்கை vazhkkai kavithai

பூட்டி வைத்த என் ஆசை மேகங்கள்
கரைகின்றன படி படியாய்

India looses to SriLanka in Asia Cup 2008 Final

India looses to SriLanka in Asia Cup 2008 Final!

The sorry Indian match was also watched. I think bookies, ensured what they wanted. 100 runs loss. When Mendis was taken off at 110 needed to win and 1 wicket remaining, it was for sure that India is going to loose the Asia Cup 2008.

Nadal beat Federer to win Wimbledon on July 6th, 2008

Nadal beats Federer, 6-4, 6-4, 6-7 (5), 6-7 (8), 9-7

What an epic match!

I was meeting my friends at the new Woodys, when this all happened.