Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tamilnadu Assembly Elections May 2006

This year, the Tamilnadu Assembly Elections to be conducted on May 8, 2006 seems to be a keen contest all over. We may not see this fervour of Dravidian parties, again ever!

The ruling AIADMK party (seat sharing with MDMK), is pitted against a formidable alliance of the DMK, minus MDMK. This is 34.65% against 57% vote bank, based on the last election in 2004. There is always 10 to 12.5% people in the undecided category, voting for the anti-incumbency!

Now DMDK - the party founded by Vijaykant and AIFB (original) headed by Karthik and BJP, plus JP, Pudhiya Thamilagam, along with other sundry parties, including the Agriculturists Party, might make a great impact and might even win! (130 out of 234, with a 33% vote bank)

All parties are trying to make the best, well educated, mannered and the best possible winnable candidates presented to people. All are willing to work for the people, giving away their efforts and hard earned cash!

Now it takes a whopping effort for the people, for all, to go out and vote and make their right choice.

Looking for ward for the results on May 13th, 2006. Stars are indicating that Vijaykant is the next Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, if he aligns with the BJP, JP, AIFB, Pudhiya Thamilagam and other parties - working on a co-alition government...