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A Quick Review on Internet Marketing

A Quick Review on Internet Marketing

The following is a quick review for any of you who have no experience with internet
If you are an intermediate internet marketer or even more advanced, you may skip this
section However, either way, you may pick up a thing or two that you didn't know
The primary way that people make money on the internet is through affiliate
marketing This, in a nutshell, is selling someone else's product and receiving a
commission There are products for absolutely every area of interest for which you can
become and affiliate There are literally hundreds of thousands of affiliate products that
can be promoted and profited from.
Basically, you, the "affiliate" for a given product, promote it via a website, an internet
article, emails, or whatever works for you When promoting the product, you are given
a unique link that tracks whoever makes the sale The goal is to send people to your
affiliate link, have them purchase the product, and you, as a result, make huge
commissions How much of a commission, you ask? The answer to that varies, but it
usually ranges anywhere from 25-75% of the sale price
For example, when you get started, you will most likely become an affiliate of me
, because you will want to share what you learn with other people In
addition, it is the single best selling book on MySpace marketing on the internet, and
huge 65% payouts are given to you for each sale When you sign up as a
affiliate, you will be given a unique affiliate link That is your link that you will be
giving to people to get credit for the sales that you generate
When someone clicks on your affiliate link, it directs them to the
homepage and sets a cookie on their computer that you sent them to our
page If they decide to buy , the cookie records you as the affiliate that
made the sale, and you receive a commission This process can be done for any affiliate
products for any group of people or area of interest
This process became extremely popular when products such as Beating Adwords
showed how individuals could place ads on Google that would direct people to their
affiliate links When this idea was released to the public, people immediately made
hundreds and hundreds of autopilot dollars over and over again
The process was expanded when books like The Rich Jerk explained how people could
use review pages and websites to send people to their affiliate links This method showed
exactly how people were making full time incomes on the internet and blew open the
door to the internet marketing industry It became the best selling internet eBook ever.
Most recently, Google ads have returned thanks to more advanced methods (and
extremely powerful methods) when one of the internet's biggest marketers released
Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer The tactics described in each are very, very
effective and equip affiliates to crush their competition
All of these are extremely effective tools that every internet marketer should have in
their arsenal My point in informing you about all of these is to show you that affiliate
marketing is a big industry It is extremely powerful, effective, and easy to make A LOT
of money In addition, it is here to stay; that is, affiliate marketing is not going away
People all over the world are quitting their jobs to do affiliate marketing full time For a
long time, these methods have been used to crank out full time incomes Affiliate
marketers have had to adapt to changes, but those who have stuck with it (like myself)
continue to make unbelievable amounts of money However, the biggest change came
from a source that nobody expected.
The affiliate marketing game became even bigger and easier when a certain new source
was released This source of potential profits was easier than anything that had been
examined before, and many affiliates who had never made a dime started to make
hundreds of dollars a day when they found this new internet gold mine If you haven't
caught on, this method is implementing MySpace to promote your affiliate links
How does one find products to promote and generate their affiliate links? Thankfully,
there are affiliate networks that connect affiliates and product owners They also make
it much easier for the affiliates and product owners to co-exist They provide products
that you can immediately start promoting and making sales in just a few minutes.

For example, X is listed on the affiliate network PayDotCom, which
contains thousands of products that have very high payouts for each sale So if you
sign up for PayDotCom, which is absolutely free, you can promote all the products that
are in the PayDotCom marketplace.
The other affiliate network that I recommend is called Clickbank, and it is the biggest
affiliate network on the internet While I'm yet to find an affiliate network that I didn't
like, Clickbank is the leading in the industry Take note, however, that in order to
promote Clickbank products on MySpace, you will need to set up redirects However,
we will talk more about this later Again, Clickbank is the largest and most well
respected affiliate network on the internet, and I personally receive huge checks from
them every month
Here are a few others that you may want to look into:
Commision Junction
There are so many products to promote on each one that I don't have need to look elsewhere,
but when you start to get creative with the way that you make money on MySpace, you may want to look into
other networks Commission Junction allows for a lot of creativity, and you may want
to give it look once you have some experience under your belt It all depends on what strategies you find that work for you
Now lets do a quick example of how you know your affiliate link works We'll continue
using the affiliate program as the example, since it's relevant (obviously,
because you're reading it!), and it converts very well on MySpace because it is MySpace
related (again, obviously) Remember that the methods described in this example can
be tested and duplicated for absolutely any affiliate program that you decide to join
Head back over to the Homepage and go all the way to the bottom
Click on the Affiliates link, and then click on the link to join the affiliate program
Sign up, and once you get your custom affiliate link, copy the link and paste it into
your browser.
You will be brought back to the Homepage (Look familiar? The only
difference is that your affiliate code has been saved so that, if a sale is made, you
receive credit for the sale)
Now scroll down and click the buy button; we will not be buying the product again,
but I am just going to show you how to make sure you set up your affiliate link
After you hit the buy button, a new page will come up Now at the bottom of the page
you will see [affiliate : the affiliate ID] Whatever your affiliate ID is should be after
affiliate Therefore, if your affiliate link is Vijayashankar, you will see [affiliate :
Vijayashankar] at the bottom of the page When you see this, you know that your
affiliate link is working When you send people to that link and they purchase the
product, you will be credited with the sale, and money will be in your PayDotCom (or
Clickbank) account immediately (pretty cool, eh?)
After you have made sales, you can log into your account and see how much money
you have made Clickbank organizes everything with bar graphs and shows the
amount of money that you have earned in a day.

Also remember that, if you use MySpace to generate these type of sales, there are no fees, and this is
therefore pure profit!
Not only can you get paid per sale, but some affiliate networks will allow you to be
paid per lead and per click PayDotCom and Clickbank only do pay per sale, but I
would recommend waiting until you have some experience to promote other methods
Once you get the feel for how everything works, pay per lead and pay per click
networks can be very effective.

We can use affiliate networks to find products that are relevant to any group of people
or area of interest No matter what type of people we are targeting, we can find a
product among the hundreds of thousands of available products within affiliate
networks that will be desired by the contacts that we have Furthermore, affiliate
networks give large commissions, often 50% of the sale price or more, for each sale that
is generated When we use MySpace to make affiliate sales, we incur zero costs, and we
therefore make pure profit.
Now that we have an understanding of how affiliate networks, and you know how to
tell if your affiliate links work, lets move on and start learning some strategies so that
you can put MySpace to work for you and boost your bank account.
Results not guaranteed!

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