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Welcome to Making Money on MySpace!

Welcome to Making Money on MySpace!

Contained in this article are the most up to date and powerful ways for you to generate
quick cash (and lots of it) using nothing but MySpace or some stupid social site.
These techniques do not take a lot of time, they require zero start up money, and they can be implemented
immediately Included in the strategies are ideas that you can put to use
RIGHT NOW This information is an overview of many different strategies that
you can immediately start using to make a lot of money on MySpace, but it is
imperative that you use your own creativity to customize each idea
MySpace is constantly changing, and that is the very reason why there has never been a
better time to get into the game Does that sound contrary to popular thought? The
truth is that MySpace marketing used to be dominated by unethical practices such as
spamming profiles and stealing profile identifies Those who did this were taking the
easy way out, and while some made money, they have been weeded out thanks to the
changes that MySpace has recently made Thankfully, MySpace has cracked down on
these practices and eliminated many of those that were engaged in this type of activity
Therefore, the people who took the unethical approach have eliminated themselves
from the MySpace marketing arena, leaving more money on the table for people like
you and I As a result of their carelessness, they have opened the doors for you and I to
explore new opportunities to make more money than ever.

MySpace marketing is not going away In fact, making money is the sole reason that
MySpace exists No, the purpose of MySpace is not to be a "place for friends" The
reason that MySpace exists is for others to join a community where bands, celebrities,
actors, supermodels, and singers can promote themselves How many times have you
seen an unknown band find success just because of their exposure on MySpace? It
happens all the time Therefore, the purpose of MySpace is to gain exposure and to
network with others.
Unfortunately, the spammers of the past have given a bad name to making money on
MySpace Lucky for you and I, this practice has been lessened, and those who will truly
benefit are those who will use the strategies outlined in this book
There is a fine line between the acceptable MySpace marketing and unethical,
misleading tactics that some use Some of the strategies are viewed as underhanded (or
"blackhat") tactics that break MySpace's terms of service However, it is only those who
have abused MySpace marketing in the past that have created the negative light that
surrounds these ideas The techniques that you will learn in this guide are not unethical
in nature; it is only when they are abused that they become frowned upon
For example, bands have been using a few of these strategies for a long time to build
long lists of friends and gain lots of exposure The difference lies in the fact that
MySpace users want what the bands are promoting; on the other hand, no MySpace
user wants spam from an unethical marketer Therefore, be sure to recognize the fine
line that exists on MySpace marketing, and remember that crossing it can ultimately
hinder your profits and get your profiles deleted
If you follow the strategies outlined in , there is truly no limit to the
potential that is in making money on MySpace It is important, however, that you get
creative with your plan of attack and you stay updated with the latest changes on
MySpace Therefore, read this book, read it again, make your own 'twists' to the
strategies, join the newsletter, and check the ' members area
for the latest and greatest in the world of MySpace marketing
Some people easily give up in the MySpace game because of the changes that occur,
and that is good news for those who are committed Those who truly make the most
money on the internet are those that learn to adapt If you think creatively and put the
strategies to work, you will be successful
We were marketing on MySpace from the beginning Before there we bots, we were
doing everything by hand We know the ins and outs, and we have the latest
information on MySpace It is very important that you stay on top of the latest changes
If you do not, you can potentially miss out on a lot of money, and we are sure that you
do not want to do that
This book teaches the right way to do things Follow the steps in detail (while still
adding your own ideas and twists to each) Those who quit are those who try to cut
corners and get off easy Making money on MySpace is very easy, but it is also easy to
get lazy and do things incorrectly However, you are not going to be one of those
people, because you are going to put the practices outlined in this book to good use
and make a lot of money. All at your risk to read further.

Why Is MySpace So Special?
The answer to this question is easy: MySpace is special because it does the almost all of
the work for you
As of Early 2007, MySpace had over 200,000,000 accounts created It is estimated that
there are 80 million unique users That is a lot of people! Voila! and they are all in
one place In addition, MySpace does all of the targeting for you
MySpace has thousands and thousands of groups that contain people of every interest,
shape, age, and size clumped together You want to find five thousand people who are
left handed? There's a group for that You want to find one thousand people who like
the LA Lakers? There's a group for that (You see a trend here?)
Aside from groups, people on MySpace can be found using dozens of different search
options for you to use when searching for people to market to If you want to find
people who are overweight, you can do so by browsing for people according to this
Here are a few of the options that MySpace users can search for using the 'browse'
feature: sex, age,single, relationship, married, divorced, swinger, here for dating, here for
relationships, here for friends, here for networking, ethnicity [with 9 options], body
type [6 options], height, smoker, drinker, occupation, orientation, education, religion,
income, children, and many more...
How much easier does it get to target people than that? No matter what you are
marketing, no matter what type of people you are targeting, you can find people who
are interested IMMEDIATELY on MySpace with a few clicks You don't have to worry
about targeting people because the work is already done for you on MySpace People
who sell would do anything this targeting power at their fingertips We have it on the
internet in the form of this social network.
In addition to the ease of targeting others, potential customers will often target YOU A
perfect example of this would be a band A band will create a page that explains who
they are, where they are from, and what type of music they have Pictures of their
concerts are uploaded, and they include some audio clips from their best songs.

A MySpace user surfing the site and stumbles upon the band's website They may have
found it from a friend, from browsing, from a group, or from the "featured artists"
section They listen to the music and like what they hear Therefore, what do they do?
They send a friend request.

In the sales world, it is called a 'lead' And they found the band How? They requested
to be a friend because they are interested in what the band has to offer The band didn't
do any targeting; instead, an interested listener found them and added them as a
friend. So they were interested in what the band had to offer, they
added them as a friend From now on, the band can send them messages, comments,
bulletins, or whatever to announce their new CD, their upcoming concert dates, their
latest and greatest Ticket sale, or just update them with news to keep their interest
On MySpace, if you have something that people want, it will spread quicker than
anywhere in the world This is because things spread virally If one adds another to
their list of friends, others will see that a new friend has been added Others will check
it out, add it to their list of friends, and the chain begins In the same way, one can
comment a profile with a link to their website, and everyone who views that profile
will see the link They may even add the sender to their list of friends, receive a link to
the website on their profile, and it spreads like wildfire.

MySpace consists of millions and millions of people, and every interest group that
exists is represented on the site One can quickly and easily sift through the many
profiles to find users with specific qualities and/or interests In addition, existing users
will find areas of interest and add them to their profiles Therefore, MySpace users of
all shapes, types, and sizes can both be found and will find things that they are
interested in By utilizing both of these ideas, one can easily create a list of individuals
that are interested in any given topic.
In the coming chapters, we will be learning how to use absolutely any area of interest
to make money It is easy to take any list of people with a common interest and have
them begging for pay us for whatever it is that we have to sell them
Keep reading There is so much more

Results Not Guaranteed! You better be lucky!

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