Monday, June 09, 2008

Future, Studies and Education

The human inherent tendency in shaping one's future is: (I don't care about repercussions)

Future= Actions of a person in the present driven by events the person experienced in the past.

Ideally one's future should be shaped as.

Future= Actions by the person in the present driven by a goal set in the future for himself/herself.

Well this might sound disjointed to your post. However,

Achiever or the so called "Extraordinary person "… is a common man/woman who makes a paradigm shift by shaping their future based on what he/ she wants to be, say at a point down the line few years in the future.

And this is independent from person to person based on the circumstances, environment they have been brought, which turns them into extraordinary persons or just an average person or poor.

Educated Poor, middle class…
The next generation Educated Poor, middle class…
(I) Get educated, with no Goal in future… ( or complacent with the current living), will remain in the same level.
(II) Get educated, dislike the current living, to change their life , make a paradigm shift., set a goal an what they want to be in future and become achiever or …rich.
(III) Dislike their current living shun education ….make paradigm shift set a goal for future , will act in present driven by the goal and become an achiever or rich (now they will fall into the of uneducated rich…and about their next generation…well the cycle starts).
(IV) Dislike their current living… shun education….set no goals…no work…and end up poor.

Uneducated Rich
The next generation Uneducated Rich
(i) Get educated, complacent with their current life style, sets no goal, continue to be the rich feeding on the wealth they have inherited….or might end up poor if they spend it all.
(ii) Get educated, continue to set new goals inheriting his/her parents Characteristics….progress further (and fall into the Educated Rich).
(iii) Get spoiled misusing their parents wealth, shun education…. but set goals for the future achieve as his /her parents…remain uneducated Rich.
(iv) Get spoiled misusing their parent's wealth, shun education, and set no goals….end up poor.
Education can get money and money can be used to get education but ultimately it depends on what one "Wants" (Well the "Want" should be out of sane thought practical though).

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