Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10.5 Reasons Why Even Top-Notch Executives Fail - David Herdlinger

It's a quick read.

A book you can finish in one sitting.

That's a useful criteria in reading books these days but, what's of even greater value, what makes me love a book is this:
when you can hear the author's voice and it resonates with you so well,
it makes you want to respond the way we use to respond to your Moral Science Teacher,
when I was a little boy: "One more Story Ma'am!"
Here's how David outlines "10.5 Reasons Why Even Top-Notch Executives Fail":

1. Absence Of A Clear Strategic Direction
2. Failure To Create A Sense Of Ownership
3. Absence Of A Comprehensive Goals Program
4. Failure To Align The Goals Of Every Individual, Team, And Department To The Strategic Direction
5. Using An Inadequate Definition Of Leadership
6. Inability Or Unwillingness To Hear Bad News, Especially About Oneself
7. Failure To Develop And Use Measurements
8. Failure To Hire Or Retain The Right People
9. Failure To Facilitate Two-Way Communication
10. Failure To Empower Others
10.5. Unwillingness To Ask For Help

David's reasoning within each of these 10.5 topics is enough to inspire me to become a better,
more effective executive within my venture and job and within the professional discussions in groups.
I encourage you to read - and MASTER - David Herdlinger's "10.5 Reasons Why Even Top-Notch Executives Fail"

One reading of it is already making me feel better about being a better leader, both of my company and my discussion groups...

To check out "10.5 Reasons", visit David's site at: http://tenpointfive.com/

Some questions to improve your results

Here are some questions to ask yourself (!) you can use to improve your results!

Achieve whatever you want!

Do I use my body optimally?

  • What is the quality of my current diet?
  • Do I get enough sleep?
  • Am I managing my energy well each day?
  • How do I manage daily stress?
  • Do I have good posture and poise?
  • What can I do to improve my ability to observe the world around me?

Do I know what I want?

  • What achievements would make me really excited?
  • What "states of being" do I want to experience each day?
  • Are my priorities and values clearly defined?
  • Am I capable of making decisions quickly and confidently?
  • Do I consistently focus my attention on what I want vs. what I don't want?

What am I afraid of?

  • Have I created an honest and complete list of the fears I'm holding on to?
  • Have I confronted each fear to imagine how I would handle it if it came to pass?
  • Am I capable of recognizing and correcting self-limitation?
  • Am I appropriately pushing my own limits?

Is my mind clear and focused?

  • Do I systematically externalize (write or record) what I think about?
  • Am I making it easy to capture my thoughts quickly, as I have them?
  • What has my attention right now?
  • Am I regularly asking myself appropriate guiding questions?
  • Do I spend most of my time focusing on a single task, or constantly flipping between multiple tasks?
  • Do I spend enough time actively reflecting on my goals, projects, and progress?

Am I confident, relaxed, and productive?

  • Have I found a planning method that works for me?
  • Am I "just organized enough"?
  • Do I have an up-to-date list of my projects and active tasks?
  • Do I review all of my commitments on a regular basis?
  • Do I take regular, genuine breaks from my work?
  • Am I consciously creating positive habits?
  • Am I working to shed non-productive habits?
  • Am I comfortable with telling other people "no"?

How do I perform best?

  • What do I particularly enjoy?
  • What am I particularly good at doing?
  • What environment do I find most conducive to doing good work?
  • How do I tend to learn most effectively?
  • How do I prefer to work with and communicate with others?
  • What is currently holding me back?

What do I really need to be happy and fulfilled?

  • How am I currently defining "success"?
  • Is there another way of defining "success" that I may find more fulfilling?
  • How often do I compare myself to my perceptions of other people?
  • Am I currently living below my means?
  • If I could only own 100 things, what would they be?
  • Am I capable of separating necessity and luxury?
  • What do I feel grateful for in my life and work?

Pick up a journal, set aside a few hours, and spend time with yourself answering these questions. Make it fun: treat yourself to a nice lunch or dinner at a restaurant you like, and write as you eat. By the time the check arrives, you'll have more than a few new ideas about how to change your life or business for the better.

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Don't forget one thing, have fear in everything what you do. That keeps you going. There might be friends who belittle you, but don't worry. They are not going to help you, when you need something! Your Irony would be, even in the time of adversity, they would ask for Sweat Equity, for providing junk existing ideas, while keeping their kushy jobs, while cribbing to friends that they are in trouble always! Your family is not going to be taken care by anyone other than yourself. Never mind, they wouldn't bother to give your kids some chocolates, or toys, while you might do when you meet them.