Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hindi as a Second Language in Tamilnadu

There is a big discussion going on in Social Media - why Hindi should not be forced upon Thamizh in Tamilnadu. Hindi as a Second Language in Tamilnadu has never been rejected. Many students do take it, but don't get recognition even if they get maximum marks in 10th or 12th.

Let us take the case of olden days Andhra ( now Telangana since June 2nd, 2014 ) In Hyderabad, there is also Urdu, so logically the mix was OK. Greater Bangalore has 30% of Karnataka population and the business folks are mostly from Hindi belt. Hence the acceptance. In Tamilnadu, except Coimbatore, Madurai and Chennai very rarely North Indians are having business (large scale). This could be the issue. Also 3 language formula was despised by the old rulers, hence the acceptance level in the rest of 50% non Hindi speaking states ( excluding Sanskrit base like Gujarathi, Marathi, Chattisgarhi, Mythili, Bhojpuri, Oriya, Assamese and Bengali to name a few ) Hindi definitely didn't find acceptance. Singapore formula is the need of the hour and with low number of BJP MPs in Rajya Sabha - a minority, Amma has a better hedge in forcing this 3 language formula.

Service Tax is needed in India

The second economy as told my many Indian economists, were not paying incomes taxes but were using Government provided services and subsidies - Petrol (not now - std. rates) , Diesel (still -5.80 loss for govt. / litre) approximately I enjoyed about 500 litres in subsidized price 500 x 6 = 3000, LPG Cooking Gas ( 12 * 800 = 9600 / year / family ). Now what I pay to Hotel food 2000 pm x 12.36% = Rs 247.2 is given as ST. The insurance premium (even that is written off for IT) has a ST component that nullifies effect. On average basis Indians earning above 5 lakhs PA pay 17% in taxes itseems. Reading a new book that endorses Service Tax released by Modi - Getting India Back on Track -
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