Thursday, April 17, 2014

Elections for MPs in Bangalore

Elections don't change anything, except for the people who win and may be the party to a certain extent. They are all after capital cronyism!

It might take another 100 years in India to change the thought process of real voting... like USA.. No one dares to challenge powerful one!

Those who stand for elections are after protecting and improving their investments only.

Tiffin being offered by the booth agents to the booth workers. hm... interesting. Is it allowed? Vada, Sambar smell while voting. #Bangalore

Weather is better for voting in Bangalore. Hope people exercise their franchise for the better good of India.

AAP and Congress having booth agents. These BJP guys didn't even bother to have their booth agents. So much of over confidence. Bad Bad BJP! #Arakere

Yes. I checked (peeped into) 2 other booths too... only 1 or 2 agents. May be they might amble in later. I am seeing it for the first time... otherwise in 2008 onwards till 2013 ( local, MLA & MP) they were very active. Verified with my newspaper vendor, who works for the local councilor. This time not much cash is being spent due to the so called Modi wave. India is Shining!

Photo: voted.  April 17, 2014 #bangalore