Saturday, November 24, 2007

Candidates Frustration after Interviews

I had a peculiar event happen at work, in terms of a frustrated candidate on not being offered getting back at us.
Recently I had found a resume for a Technical Manager on a portal, and spoke to the candidate about the exciting opportunity directly, as the recruiters, do a shoddy job at it, who dont give me confidence. Salary was not discussed by me, and I ensured that the opportunity was convincing enough for the candidate to have a look in at my co. This inspite of the candidate having the habit of changing companies for more money.
Workplace is excellent, and I love working here. I loved what I saw and liked it, and that is the reason I have joined this place moving from Chennai. You must have read from earlier postings that I didnt take a big raise to join here, just the cost of living adjustment. Now I am spending 15K more, and after tax that is taken care. I have no issues if someone gets paid more than me, who work under me for some time. But there is a problem, if there is no recognition for the hard efforts that have been put in for long time.
We have been having issues of hiring managers lately.... because of various reasons. I would rather not list it, but call it a jinx.
Next I asked my lousy recruiter, a chamchagiri, who manages to be a spy in the company with the habit of BCCing mails to the management etc and earns without doing proper work, who is always found browsing the net, studying for his MBA and attending to his personal errands, vehicles fixing and long smoke/tea/lunch breaks, to do a followup and ensure the candidate turnsup at office for interview. He was not given a raise, and he walked into my office one day, saying that he is not happy, probably assuming that I was rejecting a raise for him, without knowing that the MD fixes salary even for the sweeper in the company.

I fixed an interview one time, and the candidate turnsup another time. Also that recruiter didnt bother to come in to work early, even after fixing the time of interview causing the first frustration of the candidate.
Next the candidate walks into my office and as usual I give a warmest welcome, ensuring the HR person accompanying him knows about it, make him comfortable, shake hands and the candidate does something unwanted. He pulls a chair, even before offered a seat, being unprofessional, and sits, and pulls out his ringing mobile and attends the call saying that he is struck in traffic and would reach office in 30 minutes. Probably, something urgent at his workplace and most likely, he had made up his mind about our co. etc.
I kept my cool, and also ensured my job is to interview the candidate, and making a note of his attitude.
Then I started explanation about the job description in brief, and asked his basic qualification (he happens to be a Mech engineer) and I asked about his interest in the industry and type of products he wanted to work with. I also asked his CTC as the shoddy recruiter has not filled in the form, and he replied saying that I am making X Lakhs, and I have already got a offer for 65% more and I have told to the shoddy recruiter and he said that is not a problem, we can offer more. I was shocked and took few seconds to get my composure. Then I replied back saying, saying "for e.g., a person working under me ; designation; can make more money, that is not a problem, but even before interviewing anything, you are asking for salary. Thats a problem. Sorry!". He immediately gets up, and said I want to leave and left.
I felt very unhappy, wrote my interview comments, and went to the MD and told him about this. Also asked him, what he would do in this situation. He said he would have asked him to leave. I expected an email from him to the recruiter, in a totally different way about the incident for rejecting. (Later MD ends up getting the frustration email from the candidate, BCCed by the shoddy recruiter.)
Then with the experience of my designation; manager having a bad experience, in getting a negative feedback email of rejecting a candidate addressed to me, saying so bad about him, but I knew that candidate was just getting back at my person for rejecting, but I trusted my manager's integrity.
So much for so many things for being in the IT industry.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Koffee with Anu - 17th Nov 2007 (Kannamoochi Yenada)

It started with Nakkal of Sathyaraj. He is too good. The vazhum Periyar, is great.
Radhika was stiff, not communicable by Anu. Well it could be a problem of Anu.
I dont understand how Radhika manages Radaan, Acts in movies, Serials etc and finds time for family. Hats off!
Even though the film is a dud as per critics, it is made to sound that it is great by Priya - the director. I laughed at the way the camera woman, said something about Priya being the great etc. Lousy Lady!
Prithivraj is useless as a promotion person for the film, and he was giggling a la Aishwarya Rai, and always interested in talking about the neroine - Sandhya. Well that's how one sells.
Thanks to Simbu, these gimmicks of promoting the movie does work.
My plan of Billionaire for a day! is still on.