Saturday, January 27, 2007

Loss of wisdom tooth

Signs of aging.

I got the upper left & right Wisdom tooth during my 21st birthday. (grown)

The left upper one, was troubling for long like 3+ years, and yesterday, it was removed, so fast..... lot of relief! Must have spent closer to Rs 10K on that...... I was shaking though from then. Whenever I take nuts or hard substance it will rip me off and I will be on Flexon painkillers.

All the dentists I have been seeing for the last 3+ years from Dr Williams of Bangalore St Johns Hospital at Koramangala and Dr Pavani Karunakaran and Dr Rangarajan and of course the high cost, rip off Balaji Dental Chennai (with advertisements in Ananda Vikatan) costing me Rs 1700/- for a cleaning and curitage - twice - making your teeth looking bright with Hydrogen Peroxide and finally Dr Varshini, gave me the relief... costing only Rs 150/- at Gopalapuram. The service was friendly and the normal consultation is only Rs 50/- a visit. The Cleaning/Scaling at Rs 250/- only.

The same would/might have costed me 4 times at Balaji Dental! If fact they had forced me to do a cleaning even though I had done one 15 days before during Jan 2007 first week. Privacy for patients not there, and it is like assembly plant, and all siting next to each other (dental chairs). Lousy!

Readers can take care of this.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Worlds shortest screenplay

Worlds Shortest Screenplay

A couple is sitting on the beach happily talking, while their daughter is playing in the sand, running around.

The focus shifts to the distant sea, rising sun and the boats in their fish catching business.

Focus even closer to a catamaran boat and the fishermen, seeing at a distance.

Now shift the focus far off, to a large huge wave.

The save life trembling eyes are shown of the fishermen.

Shift the focus back a bit, the catamaran is down on the waves and the men are missing.

Shift the focus back again to the beach, the couple is missing, and the sand castle washed away.

Shift the focus back and show the little girl standing on a overturned boat, with weeping eyes.

Freeze off.

I call this "Tsunami"

10 Topics you cannot miss writing about

10 Topics you cannot miss writing about

(1) Where is Shashi Tharoor now?

(2) About your relation with Dr.Abdul Kalam

(3) About Srirangam

(4) Ultalakkidi

(5) The major news that occupied front pages of newspapers

(6) Your son told this….

(7) About the books you get as gifts….

(8) About old age and diseases… (medicines intake)

(9) Black Money

(10) Trying to reason something different from readers.

This is after effects of the article series “Katrathum Petrathum” today in Ananda Vikatan written by Writer Sujatha Rangarajan.