Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Taare Zameen Par DVD/VCD to be released soon!

Aamir Khan the greatest Actor writer writes in his blog... http://www.aamirkhan.com/blog.htm

I did not like him internalizing Airheads (1994) movie climax for Rang De Basanti.

Taare Zameen Par DVD/VCD to be released soon (by 3rd week of June 2008)! He is going to price it very cheap I am told. He is also going to add, lots of stuff in terms of making of film, about actors etc... probably a Director's cut! Do you know one thing, he makes his entrance in the movie only in the half way mark, as a clown. I have had a chance to chat with him online... a very down to earth person.

People who have watched on bootlegged version ( Thiruttu DVD ) have done harm to themselves and kids than themselves. I have nice Thamizh ketta varthai for them, but would subtly tell them as enjalakdi goia. (F.. beggar F.....ers). Also imagine MGR telling the word in Tamil meaning "together" = Koo....i. Sorry for going out of deceny for a bit! (Pardon me brothers/sisters)

We as a family watched the movie with kids in PVR Bangalore. Not sure whether I checked my mailed in blog on that. I will have to post it from my outbox in gmail. Will do it soon.

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I am not able to take certain things in stride when people go out of the way, than they portray themselves off.

Writer Jeyamohan in Tamil (who now connects to movie industry) publicly writing in his blog, that he/family has seen the movie Taare Zameen Par on DVD, which is not yet released. (I am pretty sure that he is not that great to get a copy from Aamir Khan himself)

Check that out here...


This is utter devaluation of values they are to write and promote. Disgusting. No dignity.

An Avid Reader (you know me from Kotagiri days!)