Friday, August 08, 2008

Nikitha Mehta and her case/judgement

Our Country (India) laws are very good and aimed at pro-choice.

Only on medical and family reason, certain benefits are given to abort.

There are many families who yearn for kids, but end up not getting their own, but adopt.

What can law do to kids, who are still born, yet to be born?

I am looking at various newsgroups, sites on web etc. and only decision learned are making is dont carry the burden along.

Euthanasia. கருணை கொலை . கருத்தம்மா movie is showing horrible nature of killing girl child. Ex TN CM ஜெயலலிதா was good in bringing the தொட்டில் scheme those days.

But life is a life. See it till the end. வாழ்க வளமுடன்.

My uncles kid was diagnosed during the 26th week, to have a skipped heart beat. Malformed heart. No abortion was allowed. My uncle even contemplated to go abroad, to Europe, where laws were easy in the abortion way. But still my cousin was made to be born, blind, quadriplegic, heart sort of half protruding out and died when he was 18. My uncle and aunt didn't have the energy and tears when he passed away!


When I posted on cheering the womanhood, article, I wanted to post this as well!

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