Monday, August 04, 2008

How to earn a million dollars in 6 months?

Here is the link of the milliondollarwebpage...

How to earn a million dollars in 6 months?

Well the question was just apt and right! This was the first idea, so he started selling pixels and made it.

One million dollars fell in the lap of Alex as I just read about his stories of selling pixels - nothing but space on viewing page 1028 x 768 = 789504 pixels in the first view area as prime space at 1 $ per pixel and the rest 210496 x 2 = 420992 pixels, in the scroll down at half rate, I think. Is it just Pure Luck or is he Blessed to have favor and to be at the right place at the right time with the right idea or his hard work? It is idea baby!

You know he made a million in 6 months, and truly he deserved the 1 million dollars, as he did put his ideas into action the very first time. Zilch!

Can you really make a cool million Dollars in 6 months?

Sure it is possible, depends on your Creative Ideas and Good Planning and with better with luck. (Else "Legally" if you win Lottery, Lucky Draws and others - but these are not good 'areas' to put your luck in).

Look at "Biography of Successful Folks/People", and know what do they do during their Up's and Down Periods - this is a must, and perhaps you could improvise (learn as I did running my own software co for 9 months and blowing mindful of my nest egg - worth 9 MBA's) or have Good Ideas.

I am also starting a venture to provide real estate solutions, along with a friend who is already in the field. Look for the links. Will keep you posted.

God Bless you all to win! (and send me the cut for the Financial Planning! at 25%)

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