Sunday, July 13, 2008

Koffee with Anu - Y G Mahendra(n) and team

Very nice organized program.

Like what she did with Crazy Mohan, she made YGM to act his drama Swadeshi Iyer and Gandhi.

YGM gave a good punch to his mom, to make sure she gets in good students, not rich folks only for the Padma Seshadri school. There was plugin for Mrs. YGP school as well - which is run by Madhuvanthi, his daughter (who has the similar voice of his, karna koduram, perumale! and I have seen her work at NPS to train for running a school!), as the monopoly act would set in for a given school isnt it. For some reason, they did not talk about Bangalore's PSBB issue with Brigade group.

God only knows what happened to part 2 of Sarathkumar and Ravikumar show. Part 2 did not air at all. Politics?

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