Friday, July 18, 2008

I am looking for a cool job!

Director/VP Software Development

Taking care of development responsibilities for multiple clients and establishing a win-win relationship for the IT outsourcing.
Delivery Management of software development projects for a major clients in the USA and Europe, where the projects are outsourced to India.


Software Project Delivery Manager Microsoft Java Web Technologies Architect

Key values

Hardworking, Sincere, Honest, Extra-Effort, Value-for-Money, ROI, Best IRR, Relaxed, Team-work, Down-to-earth, Self-Motivated, Initiatives, Non-lethargic, Innovative, Process-oriented


C++, VC++, Java, Delivery, Manager, Leader, Microsoft, Planning, Risk Management, Team Builder, Hands on, Motivator


More than 18 years in the IT field with 6+ years overseas!


if you have the right opportunity... to vinivj at gmail dot com

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