Sunday, May 11, 2008

Comment of the H4 wife saga blog

Since I had disabled comments, a kind member used another post to post this comment. Voila! Thanks Dear!

(Reproducing this, as it is, that was sent to me! Pardon the spellings! If you have any problems getting rubbed in the wrong way, in the wrong place somewhere I cannot reach, email me - I hope you might be intelligent to see my profile and get my email address!)

Hi All,
Even I am in the same boat. But I am keeping myself in various activities.
I watched lots of english movies for which I never got time .
I joined gym as a workout.
My daily routine is set.I make break-fast.I make sure there is always varieties of option in food. My husband use to come daily for lunch.We do it together.
I give proper attention to my husband's and my diet.
I love reading. I am using US public-library facility to the fulliest. Knowledge never goes waste.
I keep busy myself doing cleaning and laundry work. So that everything is perfect at our home. It help in maintaining Hygiene also.
I do grocery shopping by planning.I helps my husband in making budget. I uses lots of coupons. I always keep an eye on Hot Deals.
In last, "kahan samay jata pata hi nahi chalta".
Moreover there is no universal problem of In-Laws.

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