Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bangalore New Airport to Open on May 22nd, 2008

Finally the news is out. Bangalore New Airport to Open on May 22nd, 2008 (Thurs night is the first landing by Kingfisher flight from Mumbai at 8PM and first take off at 12.50AM May 23rd, 2008 AirIndia to Singapore). They timed it so well before the new government comes on board, after vote counting on May 25th, Sunday. Ha Ha!

So HAL Airport is going to be closed. It will cost 1 hour extra each way (forget the new maps that are shown in newspapers, about 4, on the reach points form City to Airport - all takes 4 hours early start before the flight).

Now to catch a flight I take a taxi 2 hours before. From May 22nd 2008 it would be 3 hours before, easily from Bannerghatta Road. Plus the 675 Rs UDF (user development fee) he he develops the BIAL builders! International passengers would cough $ 20 equivalent. (somewhere approx.)

I would rather take the Shatabdi or the train. If I have work in the day, I will take the night train and get some rest. The total travel time to Chennai is 5 to 6 hours, and to catch the train all I need is 1 hour drive.

I bet allowing HAL with short hauls of 1 hour or less would have benefitted passengers (Within South 4 states), airport workers and cargo handlers. Also the really early morning departure (to Delhi/Mumbai) and late night arrival flights etc can be allowed. All they would have needed is to pay out 30% of the Rs 225/- getting collected per passenger or about Rs 75/-. Still workable, if Mallya thinks. I challenge them to give me the control of BIAL and Bangalore Airspace for 3 years and I promise to recover the invested cost.

I am told the Cargo lobby succeeded and they would continue using the HAL airport. Great! Even chartered flights, do not get covered under the BIAL compulsion.

So I pray to all to improve the road conditions, and get a smooth ride to Airport from Any part of City. Elevated expressways are the best helps people and politicians as well. All are happy!

Do you know that KSIDC and govt, who have given 1400 crores out of 2100 crores project, that is whopping 66% of loan, were willing to waive half the interest (7.5% rate) till the HAL runs.

But R K Misra the ROI Lead India winner would not be happy!

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