Sunday, May 11, 2008

Review of movie TRADE

Oscar nominated movie TRADE (with a pedophile concept).

Here they show the Russian (why?) involved in Globalisation of trade of young kids getting trafficked by wicked pedophiles.

The Hero from Mexico City is working at odd jobs (tourist guide - thief) to make a living - staying with family with no father. He gifts a bike one day to his lovely young sister aged 13. She likes it so much, she wants to take it for a ride  (also wants to give brother a card AMOR). On the way the mafiaso kdnaps her. Here the director shows how the people traffic is made across the water border between Mexico and USA.

The lure or Glamour, Money and free life is shown immaculately.

The corrupt officials in Mexico and USA (too?) are shown in bad light.

There is one good person is police force of USA, who goes around finding trafficked kids and return them back

Intelligent climax on the Online Auction of kids Online. 2 secs before the timeout, the bid is placed for a sure win. Moments of brilliance. The girl is rescued and the brother takes her to home. No no the story doesnt end here. The is one superclimax. The brother kills the mafia don Russian, and while he is lying on the road dead, his small kid  walks by and calls "Papa". Poetic justice.

Also the movie begins with Glamour minded tourists  (Poland?)  who are intended immigrants to USA via Mexico going to USA with wrong thugs and getting killed.

The main concept of kidnap minus the moving away from USA type things, is made as Tamil movie Anjade.

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