Sunday, May 11, 2008

Talking about H4 visa wifes saga in USA (also Spouse)

Some one wrote somewhere that H4 wifes have a tough time in USA, but I beg to differ.
Note that I am not a male chauvinist, and this applies to Spouse as in the Title. (Males on H4 visa). I have also quoted my wife, with her permission.
I have spoken about this in my communication skills course talk at PSG Tech, Coimbatore (eventually I topped that subject too!). Based on the talk there are few males and many females unmarried (sic!).
Substitute, he or she as you please. Not being a male chauvinist here. Narrow minded idiots would think otherwise. If abuses are hurled, I would collect severe punitive damages, including the entire networth and make those guys go on road, literally. IT information act protects, the Indian constitution and does not protect abuses.
She wanted American life, that was the reason she bought (literally in South Indian context, gold, katnam, dowry) . What is the heck about not working? She very well knows (or just by googling) you can find about how the H4 visa holder can or cannot survive in USA. The lure of Green Card to USA eventually the citizanship, pride among family members, and the famous American Life, richness etc, dreams to become true!

I was on H1 and my wife too came along.

Here are some of the things to do (lots). I will keep updating....

Learn the American Accent. Worth every cent of it for a BPO job, just-in case.

Learn driving in the USA roads. Get comfortable.

Volunteering for local cause ASHA, CRY, Indian associations, Tamil Telugu classes etc.

First of all she learnt cooking! (in India she was pampered at home) She learnt the American way to cook. Do you know that the ketchup packet an dthe pepper salt small pack at MacDonalds is alone enough for a decent Rasam, with a little parsely leaves/coriander?

She took some Computer courses from local college.

Learnt Spanish. Got some Spanish/Mexicans friends and fun with that. It helps in future biz.

She did lots of learning and programming and helped in developing something at home (which is not illegal) which was the seed for the venture we tried to find in India. (intelligent wife)

I am not trying to convince the USA authorities to allow H4 visa holders to work like L2 as we know very well they read and store each and every correspondence that matters for USA. Something is in the offing for that to be allowed.

Obviously, unless the husband wants to come back to India, she can scale up her skills (SAP training in the elearning mode) and earn tons of USDs.

You can help the daily household chores completed and make sure husband concentrates on work alone. Paying bills, grocery urgent shopping etc.

Keep the tax books, on savings investments tab everyday. Stock market investing in USA doesnt need a visa.

Plan for the future kids and get ready for it. Mentally and physically.

A friends wife learnt Adobe Illustrator at home, and came up with a product idea, and once my friend got his GC, floated that idea and got some venture and today he is a multi-millionaire.

And you can do lots of excercises, keep yourself hip. Eat frog legs, mussels, kim chew etc.

For unintelligent wifes who cannot do above, put on lots of weight - eat lots of chips and be happy, drinking lotsa coke. (I would say all of the H4 wives are very intelligent on taking the bold step to get H4 visa itself).

Man being a housewife equals 6 jobs. Worth the salary the guy gets. With recession looming - you can ensure the husband gets knowledge of keeping the job alive. Worth it!

Also you need someone around to take care of parents and in-laws visiting for 6 months (small time) every year alternating. And it takes a month just to pack things for them to go back to India with the dollar shop gifts, purchased - weekend over weekend on sales. So you are blocking 6 to 7 months of your yearly calendar.