Monday, May 12, 2008

Movie Review - Jumper

Jumper is a movie about teleporting at wish! Didnt we dream about it in young age?

The hero is a Jumper, who learns about being one, when he sincerely believes he can escape from death, and he appears in the school library.

Sensing his power, he becomes a bank thief. Some nice scenes on stealing in the vault. Unimaginable. But I wonder how the security cameras didnt pick up the images, or ther eis no sensor based activation of alarms.

Samuel L Jackson comes as a jumper hunter.

This is an offtake of the small people movie (neighbours?)

The movie is shot in exotic locations, Arctic, Canda, Egypt, Australia, Prague, Italy etc. Wonderful!

And there is one heroine, who is used for the flesh scenes and no act.