Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nuclear Deal, India and Tamasha at Parliament

Yesterday evening, it was fun watching the parliament is session (better ratings than IPL 20:20 I am told).

I also watched the talk by Rahul, very passionate.

You have to mention Omar Abdullah. Hats off. Owaisi, did a splendid job too. Like father! Who is telling that India is divided?

Read this stuff in a news group on nuclear energy.

Uranium 233 has to be burnt (technically bombardment to release heat energy) and then the steam produced from pipes around is used for making electricity. It takes about 1024 years for the radiative plutonium to die, wither to carbon molecules, etc. So we have to store this plutonium in a far away place, likes island, in a technique called 'glass matrix'. This plutonium can be plugged in our warheads for bombs.

Why are we going to USA for this deal? Are we selling out of sovereignty for this?

They have the best techniques to produce the nuclear plant, within a 4 sq.meter. area, compared to 25 sq.m. area for a single plant. GE Controls. 184 countries have ratified the IAEA safegaurds. The 84 pages document available online, clearly says that there is no restriction to conduct further tests. (no mention is the politically correct statement). India, Pakistan and Iran, have not signed it. Now it will happen. The above statement has to be true for any country to sell Uranium to us (which is available in Meghalaya and Andhra Rishi valley area only, where no mining is allowed). Otherwise, they sell it on their own will, like Russia does. Exclusions obtained from the parliament or equivalence. We are told 70% of Indian energy needs can be taken care by proper Nuclear plants. India will not be able to buy now without agreement the special privileges of import of super computers, etc. since we dont have NPT signed. This agreement could be a disguise to help us.


The United States of America birth time is, on July 4th, 1776 at 5.10pm, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That is when George Washington inked the the 'Declaration of Independence.

USA with Mars power (in 7th house - for partnerships - ruler), is in a strong position to get more benefits, in terms of new relation with associations. 10th house with Saturn gave good relation with countries, since there is Moon in 3rd. (and also wars). Working relationships. Current DBA is Moon-Venus-Saturn, and Mars has played a role in helping the deal to move forward.

We dont have a correct Birth time for India, should be declaration time, about 12:01AM on Aug 15th, 1947 by Lord Mountbatten. (They say it was deliberate to make sure we dont celebrate our Independence day with Pakistan). Mars is sitting in the second house, clearly showing that, we will play second fiddle. Sun and Rahu will make India Superpower, and that is in 2010 or 2047. Definitely this new association is going to be beneficial for us.

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