Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gita and Sickness

I have come across the Malayalam Gita in my household at Kotagiri.

In our clothshop then, we had a Kochunni Nair from Ottapalam, old man as Tailor, the usual practice in hill stations.

Whenever, we fall sick, as kids, my mother used to ask Mr Nair to get the Gita book, and keep it on the side of pillow.

There was also a practice of tying a horoscope of the living elderly person, in the thooli of the kid, if the kid crys with fever. "Bala Arista" a Marati friend has also told me about this practise there.

My Dad has explained me on paranormal principles for the above 2.

The readers are Gita are expected to me, very spiritual, so the bad omens, stay away from the kid. Also typing the horoscope of an old person, tells to bad omen that, we have people living a long life in our family, so stay away!

There are 3 stages after death Aavi, Thirisanghu, Motcham.

(1) Aavi - people who did not complete the term. sudden end. This is the reason, they sort of trouble kids. They have to move to the next state, Thirisanghu and if there is will, they get 7 births, till Aathma satisifes and move on.
(2) Thirisanghu, is a state, where one person has attained spiritual unity, and moved on directly after finishing ones term (they say 7 seen in a life of Aathma). Certain Gurus, mostly they are in the 7th term, if you can believe, which shows their closeness to God and hence followers and spreading spirituality to attain the best state of bliss. Ramana Mahirishi is one next to Vashistar. There is no fixed time in this state. They hover around with their sub aathma's near and dear.
(3) Motcham, this is were the emptiness is validated of the Aathma's satisfaction, it seems. If all is good and well, they might get one more term, or take the Angel state. (you can know more from Kerala folks about kutti sathan and such state people). Even Muslims belive in this state, were they feel people of such nature, listen to folks who come to them in the Dargah and transcribe with the power of Almighty!

I know you would know about Ouja board. If you have some relatives who have passed before their due time, you should be able to talk to them. Try it and let me know.

All happens in this scientific world. Matter does not die, it takes another form. (e.g. wood pulp becomes paper which becomes carbon with fire, and it becomes food for wood and grows itself!)

My Dad passed away naturally last Oct, on a Friday morning, as he had wished. He used to tell me that he was having his 7th term, and will pass on... he used to help people with his special powers that he gained from Sidhars whom he met in the Kotagiri hills. (sprains, bites, sickness etc.). He has told us, that he would give me and my elder brother the powers one day, when we are ripe!

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