Sunday, July 20, 2008

Charu Nivedita & Website HitCounter attack

There was a posting by writer Charu Nivedita & Website which came under HitCounter attack, by some sad elements.

Some idiot in the IT industry, who doesn't like Charu's works ormay be some kind of enmity! Funny! This is not acceptable!

Criticism in any form of writing should be given and taken and life moves on.

I read that recently the website had 2 lakhs visitor hits (unique, I am told). This is a phenomenal feat. If you see, an obscure blogger like me has got about 17600 hits since, Feb 2006. I have enabled my view profile, only now, since I posted the stories in another blog, to know about me since Thursday 17th July 2008. Already there are 500 plus visits just in my profile in 4 days! (26 or something in the first month, I think). I dont track that in my statcounter. Curious onlookers!

I am not sure, whether they use counter of, which would exclude hits coming from the same IP address. 25% of guys visiting my site are repeat visitors.


Anu said...

Thanks everyone for the information comments!

Vijay said...

Anu, I dont approve of commenting on my blog to make sure you get advt.

I would accept 1 billion $ as settlement.

I think is a poor design and I dont know how you can make money out of it.