Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am willing to help Kannada Devanga kids in Bangalore

It is a tradition that my Dad followed helping my community (Kannada Devanga kids) in my hometown for studies, books and notebooks for 5 of them every year.

The objective was to ensure these kids, would not miss out education just bcoz they didnt have enough to go to school. My brother does it now!

If you know anyone who are looking for help in and around Bangalore, in terms of free school books and notebooks, I am willing to sponsor 10 kids, for this academic year! 2008-09.

The classes I would target would be from 1st to 10th. Max amount per eligible kid is Rs 500/-.

(the idea is, it has to start from your own home - I am taking little partiality for my own community and it would be spread to others as I get good earnings. If other Devanga guys want to pitch in, please mail me too!).

Eligible kids have to send an email, through someone, with their need for help. email id is vijayashankar @ hotmail dot com with a subject: Devanga Scholarship.

The selection criterion is based on my own assessment on merit cum means. This is my hard earned money and no disputes please!

I am in the process of registering a trust in my Dad's name.

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gregory said...

nice gesture .. nice thought .. i don't know which caste is which, but there are a lot of people who need help here, as you know.

one woman i can vouch for as to integrity, organization ability, and care runs a fabulous orphanage and school and a few other things