Saturday, May 10, 2008

Assembly Elections Karnataka 2008 (an update on Phase I)

I did not vote this time as I was refused to register, as branded from being a domiciled person of TN. Let my Voter Id card remaining a de-facto, non available thing. Did not enlist at all. No bother. Enjoy Tamasha. May be since I have land in Anekal, I would get a voters card there?

Pleasant weather. 50% turnout in City and 60% overall.

Walked around a bit in the neighboring area in Bangalore South and could see reasonable turnout. Danger in the stomach. I dont know when Democarcy will be celebrated as the developed countries over here.

I think voters were very sincere. No bias shown, except the slip issuers and booth owners. Minidors were plying people and no EC observer was bothered I think.

I could see 2 candidates of major parties within half hour going from booth to booth (very sincere to give service to people, and both of them live very close to my area and might remember me, and recognize if one wins!), the third main party one obviously know is Bangalore City they have no chance, visibility is very poor.

One of the candidates asked me whether I had voted, I said I did not get registered. He bad mouthed the authorities and moved on.

Long live democracy!

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