Tuesday, September 09, 2008



I am Engr.Hamza Murat working in admin department of New Tokyo Plastic Ltd London.I contacted you based on your good recommendation as a trust individual that can handle this business contract to the best of your knowledge. We wish to be in your country for a Procurement and Investment mission.
Our company New Tokyo Plastic Ltd. has been a leader in production of all kinds of Plastic gems dolls and a leading supplier in solid mineral products in Europe, Its expertise and experience has provided mineral products to the major markets in America . Through her vast knowledge in solid mineral products of high quality we have provided the major markets with the products that are used as geological materials or High-powered optical lens.
We wish to come to your country for investment and procurement Mission . It has been our obligation to establish in Asia especially in your country but due to political situation in Asia we left our priority in suspense but since the situation is better we wish to be in your country to meet with you and discuss investment issues in details.
Presently, we won a contract with an American company to supply them with Raw materials they use in manufacturing.Formerly,we source and procure this product through our agent in Baghdad-Iraq but due to war crisis there we lost him and we cannot procure again from there.
Further enquiry through Asian Investment and Promotion Council Directory here in London a local dealer was discovered in Malaysia . I personally made this research and found the product is sold at $3,800 in Malaysia by a foreign local miner compared to our purchasing rate of $5100 at Baghdad-Iraq through our former agent.
Now my proposal and interest is to present you as the new Asia-Agent so that my company will purchase the product through you at the rate of $5100US and equally discuss with you in details of our investment plans.
NOTE ;immediately my company confirms the availability of this product and the price sold from you they will proceed down to your country to meet with you for the purchase.
You will sign a confidential non-circumvention, non-disclosure and agency representation Agreement. This agreement will run concurrently for 3yrs.Upon signing this agreement your are also entitled for payment of 10% agency commision of the total purchase within this period.You will be become our only contact in Asia for purchase of this product.
2. DESCRIPTION: White in colour,
(a) Size: Irregular shape, like one cube of sugar
(b) Price per unit: $5100 US Dollars
(c) Quantity required: 1000 Units
After every business transaction with my company, my percentage gain (i.e total gain from the purchase & 10% Agency commission) is 40% and 60% goes for you. If you agree to this business offer contact me immediately so that I will forward you the contact of the local miner in Malaysia and after liaising with him then you will send me your full contact details for my company correspondence with you.
Thanks for your anticipated assistance.
Best regards,
Hamza Murat

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